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Best western park place VS park vue inn?

Forums > Area Hotels > Best western park place VS park vue inn?
Best western park place VS park vue inn? Has anyone stayed at both? Which do you prefer and why? Breakfast? Rooms? Price? Any help would be great! TIA
I heard both were great but the rooms are bigger at Park Place. The price is comparable. Park Place is an official Disney Good Neighbor hotel while Park Vue is not
While Park Vue is "technically" not a good neighbor hotel, it is good. They have no problem filling their rooms on a consistent basis. Park Vue is a good choice and close to the park.
Pixie dust
Park place is wonderful it is newly remodeled. I highly recommend it. I know nothing about park vue but I can tell you park place is great
Park Vue is very comfortable, and we love their breakfast, free parking. On their website they are advertised as a good neighbor hotel, and they can say they are even though you can't book them thru Disney. I asked how they do that and it has something to do with requirements from Disney, but you don't have to necessarily book thru Disney site. We stay there every time for the proximity, and the friendliness. they are a little pricey at times, but so close after a long day.
Love both hotels. Always stay at one or the other. Best western is a little cheaper but free parking at park vue and park vue allows 2 cars which we need a lot of times.
I'm so annoyed with BW lately. We've been long time patrons of Park Vue (love that hotel) but this time and last time I thought I'd give BW another try and both times they have availability but no parking. They said we'd have to park at Gardenwalk @$25.00/night and taxi or walk it back to the hotel. What a huge inconvenience, esp with 2 kids in tow... Park Vue wins everytime

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