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Castle Inn and Suites

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Disneyland Fan
My Hubby and I are going to be staying at the Castle inn for our 15th Anniversary and I was wondering how it is? We usually stay at the Tropicana and just love it but we go a really good deal on this hotel. Is it a far walk? Are the rooms clean? Any info would be much appreciated :)
We've stayed there a couple of times. No complaints. It's basic and nothing special but you aren't in the rooms that long when you go to Disneyland anyways. Beds were comfortable. We walked every day and night, I would say 10 mins or so? We are staying there in December.
Mama Bear
Our family of 4 stayed there in December, and would absolutely stay again. Not fancy, but clean, decently sized rooms. We liked that there was a fridge and microwave. The walk was totally manageable to the gates.
Disney Dave
We stay there every year. We also like having a new CVS and Walgreens at the corner.
Last time we stayed here we had no problems. About a 10 minute walk to the gates, right next to a little strip mall and room was clean with a fridge and microwave.
Disneygirl12 12 I love the Castle Inn and I stay there every time I go .I love staying in a castle if you're going to be at Disneyland you night is well stay at the Castle right. It's got everything you need microwave, ice TV, store ,short walk to the entrance it's great I love it. go in October and December and February
Todd Burton
I tried it and I wouldn't go back. Just my preference. Pros big room lots of space. I did do the suite room and it was perfect. But deal breaker for me is the bed comfort.

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