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Candy Cane Inn, here we come!!!

Forums > Area Hotels > Candy Cane Inn, here we come!!!
A dozen years ago on my first trip to Disneyland we walked past the Candy Cane Inn and I remember thinking how charming and inviting it looked. All these years (and trips) later and we are finally staying there later this month! I am excited beyond belief!!!! Every trip I always want to stay there, but then I find some great deal somewhere else and talk myself into being practical .... This trip we are staying for 10 nights in a premium room with breakfast delivered! My reservations are confirmed and I am NOT going to look at anymore travel sites. Just to hold me to it, I showed my 7year old pictures of the Candy Cane Inn and told him that was where we are staying. GOOD-LUCK if I wanted to change now!!!!
Tron3000. I hope you enjoy the candy cane as much as we have. The breakfast basket is so nice in the morning James is really great, if you need anything he is always willing to help Have a wonderful trip !
Marilynne Ward Belden
Love it there!
Todd Burton
It will always be my go to hotel. We have stayed numerous times and haven't been let down yet. Best perks compared to any hotel. Free parking shuttle and breakfast. After you stay they give you a return credit of 10$ off a night. This combined with my discounts makes it super cheap compared to surrounding hotel. If you get the premium room at night you write down what you want for breakfast and a time for delivery and boom breakfast will be delivered in the morning.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69
Wow, that sounds amazing. I've never stayed there, but I'll definitely look into it.
Staying there in 12 days ! Favorite off site
I love staying at Candy Cane Inn, clean rooms, great breakfast, helpful staff, and the shuttle.
We liked it but the walk to Disneyland was a bit long for us. We now stay across the street from the parks :)
We are staying there November 12-18 and I haven't been to Disneyland in 25 years, my husband has never been, and we are taking our 4 and 6 year old boys, leaving our 1.5yr old daughter at home. So excited to stay there!!! The shuttle and breakfast is what cinched the deal for us!!
We love Candy Cane inn. my only issue is that the smallest double queen room is very small. too small in my opinion but it sounds like you are doing the larger rooms.
Stephanie Speirs
I’m seriously considering candy cane inn for us to stay at but I can only find reservations directly on their website with no free cancellations. Any suggestions? I just don’t want to get stuck and charged if plans have to change!
Call. Ask for James I know cancellation is free. We stay there all the time.
Does anyone know if the Candy Cane shuttle is wheelchair accessible? We are staying there this summer with my father who needs a motorized scooter.
It is not accessible for a scooter. We just have to ride the scooter to the park. Fold up chairs can go on the shuttle.

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