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Anaheim wyndham

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has anyone stayed here before? how reliable is the free shuttle. was looking at this hotel and ALO hotel?
Are you still looking for a review for this property? We have stayed there and would again. Shuttle was very reliable. We were a little delayed one morning because the crowds were larger than expected.
Dustin Kaufman
Yes we stay here every time we visit, the shuttle makes your life much easier when you have tired kids, they pick you up right by harbor and drop you off at the front door. Hotel itself is very nice with friendly and helpful staff, we will be staying their again in 3 weeks can't wait
I don't know if you still need a review of the Wyndham, but I would say that the hotel is beautiful and the rooms are nice, but the shuttle to Disneyland is very unreliable. There were several times when it was almost 20 minutes late.
We stayed a few years back when it was still the Crown Plaza.... very nice hotel. Since Wyndham owns it now I'm sure it's still very nice just stay away from time share salesman.

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