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Howard Johnson

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Staying here was the best choice we have ever made! Other than getting married and having the kids that is. Spacious room with a view, allowed us to check in super early (11:00am) and the kids went nuts over the water park. They had pirate hats for the kiddos at check in, rooms are clean clean clean and the beds are the comfiest hotel beds ever. So pleasantly surprised. The walk to the DL & CA gates is 16 mins with 2 kids and walking slowly and that counts going through security and coaxing a 2 year old to walk. Hubby was amazed it took so long, he said it felt like a five minute walk and I agree. I also love there is no for traffic from other hotels passing by since outs the first hotel off the freeway. Ample parking, 2 pool areas and an absolute genius put the hot tub o.j. a spot where mom & dad can soak while watching the kids play at the water park! We have a 2 year old and 8 year old and they both loved the water park.
We have stayed there 3 times and have never been disappointed! The rooms have always been clean, very comfy beds and the staff was very accommodating! My grandbabies loved the pool area!
Lyndsey MPT
We have stayed there many times also and I just love it there! Beautiful hotel grounds and the Mim's Cafe across the street is very convenient! The last time we went they had good priced family sized take out meals and we love their muffins for breakfast!
I'm so glad to hear about this! We won a trip from our local radio station and this is the hotel they put us in. They said they would call me before they booked anything and they didn't so I was really nervous that it was going to be a bad one. We're going at the end of Feb/ beginning of March so I'm not sure how the pool and water playground will be...
We are thinking of staying here in may sometime and i a glad to her its a good hotel, my parents want to stay because they stayed here for their honeymoon!
I am here right now. We arrived last night and so far so good! This is our first time at this hotel and we'll be here 3 nights. I'll let you know how it goes :-)
Have stayed there 3 different times....no complaints from us!! Loved staying there.
Our three nights were great. The room was big and quiet. The water park was lots of fun and the hotel was a short walk to Disneyland. We'll definitely stay there again!
Finding disney
I am thinking about staying here in September and I was wondering what the parking fee is.
I'd heard great things about this hotel. Booked it for family meeting us at Paradise Pier. The room they were given had overhead windows bringing in early sunlight. Needless to say the weren't able to sleep past 6 am. Probably won't book again.
Angela Angi Weaver West
We’re staying here for the first part of our split stay. This one is for the granddaughter. Then we’re moving to the Disneyland Hotel club level for the last part. It’s my 25th anniversary and my first visit to DL. My hubs just told me to book what I want and tell him how much overtime to work. ????????????
we have stayed here 3 times in the last 10 years. Free parking was nice. If you can be in one of the towers I think your stay would be nicer than the small apartment pod rooms. Love how it is close to Mimi's Cafe.

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