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Best Western Plus or Stovall Inn?

Forums > Area Hotels > Best Western Plus or Stovall Inn?
Jasmine A.K.
Any input on these two hotels would be much appreciated! These are to the back side of Disneyland closer to Paradise Pier hotel. Curious is one can walk through to downtown Disney from the parking area (looks like parking on the map).
Best Western Plus Park Place is located on Harbor across from Disneyland/CA Adventure. It's only a 4/5 minute walk from the entrance and you do not walk through Downtown Disney. Best Western Anaheim is also on Harbor. Stovalls is near the area your talking about.
Excuse me sorry, there is another Best Western in that area as well. It's not one mentioned a lot. I try to stay at the one on Harbor.
Jasmine A.K.
I actually want one close to downtown Disney, we will be staying somewhere else the rest of the week but needed 1 night at another hotel in the area. We are planning dinner in downtown Disney that night that's why I'm looking in that area lol
Pixie dust
My son and his wife just stayed at Stovalls and really liked it. They did walk every night through DTD and said the walk was beautiful. They definitely will go back. It's maybe a block from paradise pier.
I stayed at Stovall for the first time last year. It was clean. The breakfast was great for a quick bite. You can be at DTD within 10 minutes with a quick jaunt through the Californian. We have reservations this month to stay again.
just got back from staying at Stovall yes nice breakfast but for some reason the maid never fully cleaned the room plus last night they are way into collecting money for parking but yet no spot was available after a long day was very stressful trying to figure out were to park then told they dont know what to do i feel if i pay $80 cash for 8 nights for parking i should have a spot for the 8 nights they did reimburse $40 for the parking and room not being cleaned i even found dust rags ib my room and the room was never dusted go figure also they say room big enough for 5 peoplw no that is not even the case
Thank you Loretta, we love the Park Vue inn, but thought of trying a cheaper spot. but parking, and a great breakfast are included, kind of offsets the cost. lol. Anyone stay at the Best Western Plus lately?
Just stayed at Best Western Anaheim...was good but double bed was a real issue for us. We aren't large people but their double beds are more meant for 1 per person. We ended up paying for a roll away.
I'm a dedicated Best Western patron. I always try to look for at least a BW Plus, they are a bit nicer all around. I have stayed at numerous BW lcations across the country and Stovall's would definitely be at the bottom portion of the list. The only good thing that it had going was the bed was comfortable. If you have another option, definitely look into that.
We stayed at BW Stovall and absolutely loved it. The continental breakfast is fantastic. Full on breakfast from waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage....ect, to cold cereal or yogurt. Very clean and comfortable rooms. Great swimming pool area. We'll be staying there again in the very near future. :-)

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