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Hampton Inn & Suites Garden Grove

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Has anyone stayed at the Hampton Inn, in Garden Grove? It says it's a little less than 3 miles away from Disneyland. I was debating staying here vs Homewood Suites. I was just curious to see if it's better to spend the extra $30 a night for homewood. Thanks in advance for any info!!
Hopefully im not responding to late. You might've made your decision by now. im a great peeson to ask because we stayed at Hamptons for at least 14 yrs straight. So thats saying a lot. The funny thing is this year..actually Sep 19 were gonna try out Homewood instead. Also in November. I need to hear your decision. Please keep me posted. ~?~
Hi Dionne, you're not too late. Thanks for responding! And we did decide to try the Hampton inn, we'll be staying there the beginning of October. I hope you like the homewood suites, which one will you be staying at if I may ask? I've only stayed at the main gate one, it's in the same parking lot as Marriott. There's a newer one which I hear is really great too!
The homewood we stay at all the rooms have 2 rooms most of them are newly renovated. One room has a kitchen, tv, and couch with a small place to sit. The other room has the bed(s) and bathroom. It's very comparable to embassy if you've ever stayed there. There's a full beak fast until 9am and small pool. Beds are comfy and we've been staying there the last 3, or 4 years but wanted to see about something a little cheaper this time around.
So here's my review of this hotel ... They serve breakfast until 10am on the dot everyday. Parking is sort of a hassle as it shares a lot with 2 other Hilton property hotels as well as the Italian restaurant. The staff is friendly enough and the rooms are clean. It's a very straight forward not a lot of frills hotel. I would definitely stay here again. Oh, and the beds were comfy with four pillows on a queen sized bed.
Bumping this because we're staying here in January for 6 nights. Do the rooms have microwaves and or fridges?

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