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Disney's PCH Grill

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Enjoy a Hawaiian themed buffet with Mickey and his friends Lilo and Stich.
Special Considerations
Disney’s Character Meals are one of the most popular events at the Resort, so to guarantee availability, Priority Seating is suggested. Walk-ups for all Character Dining Priority can be made in person on a limited basis. For best choices of available seating times, pre-book your Priority Seating with Disney Dining at (714) 781-DINE, or (714) 781-3463.
Surf's Up! Breakfast with Mickey & Friends
Catch a wave and surf into Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel for a bountiful all-you-care-to-eat breakfast buffet.
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Tom Swingle on 10/13/2011
As of October 2011, this was the only place to eat at Paradise Pier hotel. I was pleasantly surprised, and the Hawaiian pizza was very good. A little less barbecue sauce would be better as it overpowered the other flavors.
pixies15 on 1/8/2012
Luv the food!!! And mickey!!!
Crazy4Disney on 10/3/2013
I ate dinner here and received great and fast service. I ordered the fish, which was a large portion and delicious. DH had the Macaroni and Shrimp, aldo a large portion and incredible (I had to finish it for him). DD got the build your own pizza. It was brought out on a mickey mouse shaped platter. She got to put the sauce and chesse on. She really enjoyed being a part of making her dinner.
on 7/30/2013
Disney PCH Grill - June 25th, 2013I increased the experience 2 stars because Stitch was so warm, welcoming, and entertaining, the other characters and the dining experience not so much. For the price was expecting something a bit more organized.This is great for kids (that is the point), good food, but the environment and dining experience were not well monitored in fact chaos is the term that comes to mind!This is the first year we've taken our daughter (5 y/o this year) to the Disney PCH Grill located at Disney Paradise Pier hotel for the breakfast with characters - it is a buffet style restaurant that once provided a table, you go find what you and your kids want to eat; not the greatest for a character dining experience and a lot of people always walking around the restaurant.Because we saw the benefit of reservations at Ariel's Grotto for lunch last year we planned it out this year and made reservations 2 months in advance. To our dismay, the popularity made our adventure, well an adventure - waiting a long time past our seating time our daughter began to get really hungry and the mood began to change. But with some strategic entertainment by dad we avoided the ultimate "are we there yet moment"!Needless to say, in the end the times at PCH were magical and excellent especially our daughter but not so much for mom and dad! We kept reminding ourselves it was the experience for our little one; for us it really helps to remember this is about the kids and try to help them see the positive of the experience - and with the help of the Disney characters and staff it can become one of the most magical experienced meals ever!All of the food was good and there is plenty of it and the sitting area is strategically placed so the characters can visit each table for pictures and fun - my daughter especially remembers Stitch trying to get to my coffee and his acting upset that he couldn't have it!The one negative (for my wife and I) were all the people constantly walking by the table to get food and the families that allowed their children to run around the restaurant freely - like a play ground. Not only did this interrupt visits by the characters but also became a danger when one grandmother was almost knocked off her feet. The two boys at the table next to us were literally wrestling and rolling around on the floor instead of eating their breakfast - mom of course was entertained by her phone and dad no where to be seen.Again, this experience is for the children and that's what Disney tries to ensure - we will possibly return again because this type of experience is priceless and memorable for our daughter while she is still young to believe! I think if they staff was able to duplicate the environment at Ariel's Grotto for character movement the time each child had to share would be more memorable - at this restaurant everyone was always seated until the characters arrived and no one was running around and playing.

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