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Tomorrowland Restrooms

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These larger restrooms tucked in the corner of Innoventions are less crowded than most.
Tucked away behind the Autopia Winner's Circle these restrooms are more out of the way than most, and provide adequate facilities that they are not very crowded even on busier days.

20 stalls (2 handicapped)

8 urinals
5 stalls (2 handicapped)
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Isaac Ulibarri on 3/15/2011
Good bathrooms !!
"E" Ticket on 11/24/2016
Our secret restroom. Clean, big. Now that the cats out of the bag may become crowded.
Disney Jenn - DIO on 11/27/2015
I've been a AP holder for years and didn't even know about this restroom! Very secretive! Rarely crowded
iheartdisney on 11/9/2015
so secretive! hardly ever crowded
Heather on 6/20/2012
These are my favorite restrooms in all of Disneyland. Never seen them crowded as most people in Tomorrowland use the ones by Space Mountain.
Keyblade Heroine on 3/17/2012
Nice bathrooms! Clean and stocked well. :) Although, it does get pretty packed sometimes and you hafta wait in a line. :(
Susie on 6/14/2011
awesome bathrooms. not crowded and very clean
Trader Sam's Pet Elephant on 2/1/2014
We can rate bathrooms?!

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