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Classic and dated arcade without much to see or do.
Who knows some kids could spend hours there.
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Behind the Star Trader
Starcade will be closing very soon, if not closed by the time you read this. It is being replaced as the temporary location for the Star Wars merchandise from the Star Trader.

This is your typical arcade with all the latest games and old favorites. Unless you have someone in the family that is a real arcade gamer there really isn't anything to do here. This arcade is definitely starting to show its age with all the home game console and interactive systems.
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Nathan Houtz on 4/9/2011
I haven't been in the starcade in awhile but it use to be awesome! it use to have two levels and the games were always fun... Even for someone like me who doesn't care for arcades it was fun. If you're there on an especially busy day where space mountain, Indi, big thunder, and the matterhorn have super long waits this use to be my favorite place to go. Since I got an annual pass, I usually just wait in the line for the big rides but if you are sick of super long lines than starcade is a great place to have fun without the lines... Hopefully it gets an update soon in light of the tron legacy film... it recently had the giant star wars x-wing figure removed from the upper deck most likely for the grand opening of star tours: the adventure continues. Before they closed the upper deck I would go in there just to see the x-wing hanging from the ceiling.
?? on 4/2/2011
Fun games but some are hard to get the prize my daughter wanted the Teddy bear but she couldn't get it so my husband got it for her and we wasted about a lot of money and time but know my daughter is happy now and that's what I was going for.
Trader Sam's Pet Elephant on 1/26/2014
Heres a tip, Bob Iger: Replace this with a ride like Dinosaur or Mission Space.
Rob on 1/10/2014
Not much left compared to what I remember but they do have Wreck it Ralph which until today I did not even realize they made a real arcade version of it.
big b on 10/3/2013
lame use to be awsome but now. not good
on 3/10/2012
Lame! Reduced to 4 or 5 games in a corner!
tiki guy on 8/28/2011
Emily7 on 3/11/2012
Why waste the time playing games in Disneyland then go on rides I think it's really stupid
T.O. on 6/16/2011
waste of space

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