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Star Trader

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The Emporium of space featuring a little bit of everything, including Star Wars merchandise.
Similar to the Emporium on Main Street in selection you can find almost anything you want at this store. From tons of Tomorrowland logo merchandise to generic Disneyland merchandise, this store has it all. Here is where you'll also find Star Wars merchandise and collectables.
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on 5/24/2011
Really good Star Tours collectables.
JediFreak on 5/22/2011
Marilynne Ward Belden on 8/26/2012
Grandson likes Star Wars so I found a cool Darth Vader Tshirt. Lots of Star Wars toys. They even have a station where you can put together your own light saber.
Princessdjones on 9/12/2011
it's hard to leave once you get there. great place to shop! :)
Lola Rickee Moss on 5/21/2012
Had a wonderful shopping experience in this store: needed a gift card for a friend and the employee, although a trainee, was very thorough, polite, funny, and helpful. The shop has lots of hi-tech accessories, Star Wars themed merchandise, and all kinds of items to please any pocketbook. I had plenty of time to peruse the shelves as my party rode Space Mountain...
Beverly on 1/24/2012
My favorite store. No Star Wars fan should miss this This is where I spend my money!
starwarz<3 on 8/9/2011
Awesome Store! My favorite Star Wars Shop(: Love it!
Pirateering 101 on 5/11/2015
I'm a star wars fan so loved the shop.
Disney Deb on 1/5/2014
I'm a big Star Wars geek, so I love this shop. The kids can put together their own light sabers or get a Yoda piggy-back back-pack. This is a great place to find all things Star Wars for kids and grown-ups.
Mcompton on 7/4/2013
everyone got a shirt here and I think we were in there for an hour!! big star wars fans and big fans of this store!
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