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Star Tours - The Adventures Continue

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Rebooted in 2011, travel to your favorite Star Wars destinations.
5 minutes
Average Wait
60 minutes
When to Visit
First thing, or Fastpass is highly recommended.
Age Group
Pre-teen and older
Special Considerations
Guests under 40 inches tall will not be allowed to ride
Near the entrance of Tomorrowland under the large neon light spike
Reopens June 3, 2011.

Recently refurbish in 2010 adding the first new destinations since the attraction opened, expect long lines and a very interested crowd as you travel to exotic locals in space.

You'll probably want to head toward Star Tours first thing in the morning. With the recent changes wait times for this attraction are expected to peak at up to 3 hours in the first few months after opening.
Fastpass Overview
Located at the entrance to Tomorrowland and long time Disneyland favorite, Star Tours usually has long lines and was a good candidate for Disney's Fastpass, especially after its 2011 reboot. It is a great deal for the Fastpass user, although Guests should look out for long Standby lines. The queue does offer some entertainment, so it not as tedious a wait as some of the other major attractions.
Fastpass Entrance
The entrance to this attraction is always crowded, as it is a popular attraction and many Guests are also trying to pass to enter the rest of Tomorrowland. The Distribution Center is located next to Buzz Lightyears Astro Blaster's directly across from the entrance to Star Tours.
Fastpass Distribution Center
The crowds of people entering Tomorrowland sometimes hide the Distribution Center for this attraction. For the 2011 reboot, the fastpass distribution is located near the entrance to Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters across from the entrance to Star Tours. The entrance is marked with a sign displaying the current Fast Pass return time. Simply enter the Distribution Center, obtain a Fastpass, and exit out the opposite direction to the left.
Fastpass Standby Line
The Standby Line for this attraction is located fully inside Tomorrowland, right in front of the main entrance to Star Tours. While entertaining scenes are located inside the attraction building, the line does tend to move slowly and can be rather dull to wait in. This line is clearly marked with a sign displaying the current Standby wait time.
Fastpass Return
Guests with a Fastpass in hand should proceed around to the far right hand side of the entrance to Star Tours, closest to the Plaza Inn. A Cast Member should be standing at the entrance to the Fastpass Return line. Guests will show their Fastpass ticket here and proceed down the right hand side of the queue into the attraction. Guests hand over their tickets farther down the line where they are loaded into their Star Tours flight cabins.
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drunkenmonkey on 6/22/2011
Awesome ride, can have a different beginning middle and or end. We were there six days and seen multiple different ones, it picks a member of the audience to be the Rebel Spy, I think it is the third seat from the left in the last row my daughter was the rebel spy twice and both times that's where she was sitting
boise state on 7/1/2011
its worth the wait,
Belle on 6/29/2011
AWESOME ride...my family and I dont need to wqit more than 10 min each time, b/c my mom owns her own ECV. We've been on it 20 times so far and each time has been different!
on 6/14/2011
Extremely awesome. They took a great ride and made it all kinds of greater.
Frank Dracman on 5/27/2011
I want on this attraction and loved what Disney did, I was able to ride it three times and it was a different ride each time.
Alex iPad great family ride. on 5/21/2011
You have to go on it.
Emily Leyva on 7/4/2011
I got to see Boba Fett in 3D the first time I got on Star Tours. Probably the best disneyland experience I've had so far. It's got a bunch of characters from the original trilogy! Definitely my new favorite ride in the park.
squirrelly65 on 7/1/2011
best ride of the trip, my 7year old was scared on Space Mountain but absolutely loved this one. only minus is long lines, so you've got to fast pass.
gynni on 6/22/2011
This ride is awesome. If u wana fast pass u have to do it within the first 2 hours and it moves pretty quick. If your with other ppl have them get in line while your getting the fast pass then u can go twice!!
Tim on 6/16/2011
My family picked this as the best ride of our 3 day visit. Short, but a total blast. First time I've ever seen a ride get applause at the end. Used our Resort Guest fastpass and only waited 20 minutes when standby showed 70 minutes.
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