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Space Mountain Restrooms

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Medium sized and very busy restrooms located right at the exit to Space Mountain.
Located at the exit to Space Mountain, these restrooms of some of the busiest in the park, filled with guests exiting the attraction and those waiting for their families to return from their space adventure.

25 stalls (5 handicapped)

7 urinals
5 stalls (1 handicapped)
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on 4/1/2011
Never had to wait and always clean
Isaac Ulibarri on 3/15/2011
My least favorite bathrooms, always crowded with more people waiting outside ! But there good
Jessica Coats on 3/23/2014
Just went and the cleaning lady was finishing up so they were clean! And no wait!!
Disney2017 on 1/14/2017
very large bathrooms but they are at the end of space mountain beware of people getting sick
"E" Ticket on 11/24/2016
Crowded, line outside. If you gotta go ya gotta go! Clean though.
Disney Jenn - DIO on 11/27/2015
Always crowded! But if you are waiting in a long line that goes outside the restroom you may see some characters coming from backstage
Macmommyx2 on 3/26/2014
the worst bathroom in the park. The smell and amount of people make this bathroom a definite no go.
DiSnEy LaNd LoVeR?? on 3/9/2012
Way to many people they get off space mountain and then have to use the bathroom always crowded once again don't use these!! GO TORO BULLS CHEER GO TORO BULLS CHEER GO TORO BULLS CHEER GO TORO BULLS CHEER GO TORO BULLS CHEER GO TORO BULLS CHEER GO TORO BULLS CHEER GO

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