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Space Mountain

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Fly through space on this roller coaster type ride in the dark with out of this world special effects.
3 minutes
Average Wait
30 minutes
When to Visit
Early morning or evenings
Age Group
Pre-teens and older
Space Mountain is the large colored building that protrudes out of the Tomorrowland skyline
Space Mountain is one of the most innovative roller coasters at any of the Disney parks. It uses the benefit of darkness to make guests feel as though they are being thrown through space at very high speeds. This is definitely one attraction not to be missed.
Fastpass Overview
Fastpass makes space travel a whole lot quicker. One of the nice things about Space Mountain is its high capacity and lower popularity as compared to the other Fastpass Attractions. This means that you will still be able to get your Fastpass tickets as late as 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm. In fact often Fastpass return times will be within a half hour or so.
Fastpass Entrance
The entrance to Space Mountain can often get disorienting as guests are attempting to enter and exit out of a very small area. However once you make note of the signs it is easy to figure things out. You don't even need to venture up the entrance area to see the Standby wait time or Fastpass Return time, as both are posted right at the entrance. Guests wishing to wait in the Standby Line should stick to their left and head up that side. This area is usually roped off and guests already start forming a line. Fastpass Ticket holders and guests wishing to obtain Fastpass Tickets should stick to the middle and head up the sloped walkway. The Distribution Center is further up and out of sight when standing right at the entrance to the attraction.
Fastpass Distribution Center
The Distribution Center, unlike the other attractions, is not readily noticeable when standing at the entrance to Space Mountain. You will need to venture on up the sloped ramp past the first signs. Be sure to follow the signs and stay to your right as you walk up. The Distribution Center is located at the end of the ramp. The Fastpass Distribution Center was refurbished so that it now has individual distribution machines like all of the other attractions, as opposed to the "in wall units" that it had before. This has made Fastpass Distribution much more organized - simply follow the signs and the directions of the nearest Cast Member to obtain your Fastpass.
Fastpass Standby Line
As mentioned above the entrance to the Space Mountain Standby line is one the left hand side of the entrance. Once Standby guests reach the Distribution Center area they will switch over to the right hand side as they take the ramps to the upper level of the queue. As with the other indoor queues, the inside portion of the wait can get a little monotonous here. The TV's inside of the queue do help, but unfortunately the way things are set up there is not a very long wait in this portion of the queue. But overall there is a very small portion of the Standby Line that is indoors, which is definitely a plus.
Fastpass Return
At the entrance to Space Mountain it might be a little unclear where to return to, since there is no specific line the for guests holding Fastpass Tickets. All you will need to do is walk up the sloped ramp, just as you did when you walked up to the Distribution Center. Once at this location head off to your left, where you will see the queue begin. Be sure to stay on your left hand side, as that is the Fastpass Line. On your way you will be asked to show your Fastpass Ticket once you make it the upper queue area, and finally you will be asked to hand over the ticket after you have entered the attraction building.
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Tre'shawn Webb on 4/9/2011
Very enjoyable, the music is customized to the track so you can make out all the twists and turns...great ride and be sure not to miss this one. :)
T on 4/15/2011
Very cool. The fact that you can't see which way the ride is going makes this indoor roller coaster unique...
jaetee aguilar on 3/28/2011
this ridee is worth the wait! atmosphere is outstanding for all ages & the ride is just the funnest. my all time favorite right here! :)
on 3/26/2011
One word - "Awesome!". You have to try this ride, but do it before noon or you will be waiting forever to get on. Definitely get a Fast Pass early. I think they stopped giving them out shortly after noon when we were there.
on 2/20/2011
FAST and in the dark! Worth the wait!
Nate on 3/28/2011
one of the best rides here. check it out early am or def fast pass it.
on 6/16/2011
Wow. Rode it yesterday, already knew it wuz awesome, but I had forgotten just HOW awesome better than the FL one FOR SURE
Tjfiddler on 6/15/2011
Best ride ever! The speed, surprise turns and music make this ride worth the wait every time! By far my favorite ride at Disneyland!
Isaac on 5/14/2011
Amazing ride! Now if only I could make a rollercoaster tycoon version of it
? on 1/3/2012
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