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Jedi Training Academy

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Train your young Padawan in the ways of the force in this hands on academy in Tomorrowland.
Feel the Force flow within you as your Jedi training begins. Hone your lightsaber skills as you and other Padawans learn techniques and moves from a Star Wars Jedi Master. Then, put your training to the ultimate test as you do battle against the dark side. May the Force be with you!
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Scott C on 3/19/2011
It was an awesome experience for my whole family! My seven year old son was selected to join the training. He loved learning the Jedi moves, and even fighting Darth Vader! My wife and I had just as much fun cheering him on. Get there early so you can get down in front and make sure your kid is really enthusiastic about being there, and they're almost guaranteed to be picked.
JediFreak on 5/27/2011
Very fun, besides the fact that I was twice as tall as the other children and also twice as old (12) and still got to do it. It's great for the youngling and for 10-12 yr olds who live by "Why not?" and bragging rights.
on 5/30/2011
HEAPS OF FUN most of the children were quite young but at 12, there was no way I was missing out! This is one not to miss. I am so so so glad I did it!
Keyblade Heroine on 3/17/2012
A totally awesome show for Star Wars nerds, (like me. Lol) and even Star Wars noobs! It's fun watching the cute children go up there and train to become Jedi's! -^.^- My sisters and I are all older teens and we make this show a "must see" on our trips! Lol Even if we're too old to go up there and fight Darth Vader, we sit up front and cheer him on like crazy fan-girls. XD
MaryT on 12/30/2011
Our 5yo was picked to train & had a great time. He loved "fighting" Darth Maul, its all he has talked about since our visit. A must do for any little Star Wars fan. And do get there early for a spot right up front.
abominable ghost pirate on 7/14/2011
great show and extremely pleased with the cast members portrayal of the coolest zebrak in the galaxy: Darth maul!
disney bear on 9/8/2014
I'm to old to do this now but it's still really cool to see your friends/younger family become a Jedi the hosts are always great and every kid comes out happy. If you are a Star Wars fan there's special appearances by ***** **** lol have a magical day
kingdom keeper fan on 5/21/2012
This attraction is very pleasant to watch. The children love it and the sudden transition into the junior Jedi kids fighting the Dark Side is amazing. The stage comes out of the floor with Darth Vater and his sidekick on it! Try to get your young one into this "academy."
skullee on 10/3/2011
Visiting from Australia, my 7 and 11 year olds sat and waited patiently on the blue line between shows ( which is impressive in itself) and were both chosen to participate. Being Star Wars mad helps. For such a simple concept, and no whizz bang wizardry, it was one of the best highlights of our day. The certificates will be framed and treasured!!!!! Thanks!!
squirrelly65 on 7/2/2011
OMG! Don't overlook this if you have kids under 12. My 7year old observed the show on Thursday, made us stay at Tomorrowland Terrace all day trying to get chosen, which he never did. So we got up early Friday morning, got there at 9am and sat in the front row and waited an hour and a half. Luckily he was picked this time, and he acted like it was the highlight of his young life. Crazy, he wasn't even a star wars fan previously, but now he collects light sabers since he is a "real" padawan!! LOL!
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