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Experience the latest Microsoft technologies from Surface tables to home automation of the future.
One hour to four hours, depending on all the things that you look at
Average Wait
20 minutes
When to Visit
Anytime, although lines are probably longer in the middle of the day
Age Group
This attraction closed March 31, 2015. It is rumored to be replaced with Star Wars or Marvel attractions in the future.
The large circular building toward the back of Tomorrowland
Located in the old Carousel of Progress/America Sings building, this attraction hosts corporate exhibits, on a slowly revolving exhibit. This attraction is somewhat based on Innoventions in Epcot, but inspired by the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Exhibitors will be limited to a two-year stay for one exhibit and will be required to change their displays as often as the new technologies come out. Innoventions is split into five themes, with a 3-D entrance mural representing each. The themes include Transportation, Work, Fitness, Home, and Entertainment.

Guests with a limited time budget should walk through to see some of the sights, but be careful because a planned hour can easily turn into four or five because of everything offered. This is also a great place to watch the fireworks from on summer evenings. Guests should proceed through the attraction and onto the second floor. Turn toward the Matterhorn and you'll have one of the best viewing areas for the fireworks of the whole park, of course minus the close us elements of the Castle.
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princessbrittany on 10/10/2011
this is like stepping into the future and everything is very high technology. when its hot outside you can go into this place and cool off! they have the latest games and house items very cool i can spend hours in here!
Nathan Houtz on 4/9/2011
A good place to cool off on a hot summer day. Some of the exhibits are cool and fun for the family. Make sure to check out the little boys bedroom where, if a cast member is around, you can see the personalized story telling of Peter pan with a cannon that fires and tinkerbel, Peter, captain hook, and all the gang. The girls bedroom has a magic mirror that lets you see what the clothes in your droors will look like on you (by you I mean the cast member who shows it to you). The many gadgets found throughout the rest of the building are always fun to play with (even though I actually have some of it in my house lol). Kids always enjoy playing with the rock band kit they have set up on stage. I always enjoy catching the Asimo show upstairs. It also has a digital future creator much like the one found at Spaceship Earth in EPCOT at Disney World (it is far less exciting then the one they have).
evil queen on 5/20/2014
reccommend the dream house lots of cool future furniture item . lot of items deal with lots of technology
Trader Sam's Pet Elephant on 1/27/2014
It takes up enough space to hold more than 1 E ticket. Are you reading this Bob Iger?!
Djrod1rep on 4/13/2013
iron man Innoventions for Annual Passport holders 04.12.13. This line is WAY TOO LONG but most likely worth the wait ....MARK I thru MARK VII suits on display & ready for photo opportunities :)
The Pirate on 4/7/2013
I went one time thought it was nice but would never go again. I think I would bw bored with it a second time
The Pirate on 12/24/2012
its good to go to once but then it is old. It just can't catch up to the times
OswaldtheLuckyRabbit on 11/6/2012
Old and outdated
Cricket on 7/6/2012
Terrible! Make room for a wonderful e-ticket!
If you love technology on 5/27/2012
Loved it! Just checked it out yesterday and I loved the house if the future with the wall remotes that control everything. My husband and I got high scores on some of the video games. I really liked it and will go back soon!
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