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Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

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Follow Marlin and Dory as they look for Nemo in a journey that can be explosive and a whale of a tale.
Join Marlin and Dory and they search the ocean depths in search of Nemo. Explore the depths the some scuba divers before hoping the EAC into oceans abroad. While on your journey though be careful for underwater mines and even a very large whale.

Keep an eye open on some scenes in this attraction as they may be frightening for small children.
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Christina MPT on 1/24/2013
Thankfully it was a short.line for us. My 4 yr old loved being in the sub BUT if you are to remain seated how are smaller ones really supposed to see everything. She couldnt help but stand and I just ended up holding her tightly. So maybe big picture windows but then that takes away from the sub vibe. Also you could see trash and coins in the water. All the negative aside I loved the ride! My little one loved the ride. And for those clausterphobic there os a viewing room area that is mentioned in the Disneyland thread.
kloss on 4/3/2011
if the wait is over 20 minutes, skip it and dont feel bad.
:0) on 3/4/2012
It's cute because its finding nemo, ( who doesn't live marlin&dory?) But it seems kinda lame to wait in a boring long line to get into a cramped sub and stare out a little window. Kinda wish they weren't a bunch of small individual windows, but rather one big window across the whole thing.
princessbrittany on 10/10/2011
so cute! if u like the movie then you'll definitely like this ride!!
on 7/10/2011
I love this. Idk what everyone is complaining about!!
on 6/23/2011
So sad. Wuz very excited for this ride, but just wow. If walt would've dun it, it would have been a LOT better
Tim on 6/16/2011
I feel sad for this attraction. Seems like it needs a good refurbishment. Unless they are going for an authentic ocean look. There was trash floating in the lagoon and there has to $1000 in change at the bottom of the open areas. On the other hand, kids loved the experience of riding in a submarine and seeing their favorite Nemo characters. Wait can be long. Ride if you can.
Leigh on 5/10/2011
to boring.
on 3/27/2011
The small port windows seemed difficult for little kids to see out. But a fun family ride.
kmglnj6 on 2/26/2011
Not good if you're claustrophobic!!
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