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Disneyland Monorail

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Transportation to and from Downtown Disney, with views of California Adventure and Tomorrowland.
When to Visit
During all hours besides Dinner and Park closing guests can usually walk right into the Monorail station. At Dinner and closing times are usually 45 minutes or more. Currently During the construction for Disney's California Adventure the Monorails will run one way trips to the Hotel only. This means lines can take up to twice as long as normal. One way trips allow guests to take the Monorail to the Hotel or back to Disneyland but once they reach their first destination the must exit the Monorail. You must remember to get a handstamp and you can get back in line to return to Disneyland/the Hotel. You may stay at the hotel if you wish and return to Disneyland up to one-half hour before park closing, and as always a valid Disneyland handstamp and a passport are required for readmission. During the morning or daytime hours. Dinner and evening hours tend to be a tad more crowded as Disneyland Hotel guests are returning to the hotel for the evening and as other guests travel to the hotel for their dinner.
Age Group
This ride should be good for almost every age group. If you are looking for an overview of Tomorrowland and Disney's California Adventure this is the attraction to take.
Special Considerations
The Monorail may be running one way trips during your next visit, which means longer waits and that guests must exit the Monorail when the arrive at the hotel. Remember that you must get a handstamp and have your ticket ready to get back on the Monorail, even if you are just going to get right back into line.
In the heart of Tomorrowland high above the Submarine Voyage. Guests can access the station to the left of the Submarine Voyage dock.
The Monorail takes guests on a grand tour of Tomorrowland, with views of Disney's California Adventure on their way to the Monorail station in Downtown Disney. Guests can disembark at the Downtown Disney and Tomorrowland stations. The Monorail provides quick and easy transportation to and from the Disneyland hotel, and interestingly holds the spot for second fastest attraction on a track.
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jacob on 4/22/2011
amazing view of what really comes to life at disneyland. you go on a 2and a 1/2 journey about 12 minutes and really get into disneyland and all the memories. all ages can ride. this is located in tommrow land hope this helped
Joshua on 3/6/2011
"E" Ticket on 12/1/2015
We need one of these around our area... (Hawaii)
M&M=Love on 9/19/2015
Always ask if you can ride in the cab, it's a great view and really fun.
CousinGus66 on 3/15/2015
Good to get around and get a good view of the park. I recommend going at night in the very front or the back, at night it feels like your in a space ship.
Disneycole on 5/27/2014
Awesome attraction!
Briana on 1/4/2014
Good for a rest and nice views of the park.
Diane - DIO Moderator on 11/25/2012
Smooth ride to Downtown Disney. Great view of Tomorrowland and other areas of the Disney Resort.
OswaldtheLuckyRabbit on 11/6/2012
Love the monorail. Classic an it takes you throughout the park and brings back 100's of memories.
disneygirl on 3/31/2012
It's not much of a ride.... But good view :I
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