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Captain EO

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The Michael Jackson 3-D experience returns, as he and his rag tag band work to improve the galaxy.
After the untimely passing of the King of Pop in 2009, Disneyland brought back the 1980's hit show Captian EO as a tribute to Michael Jackson. This show features the original 3D movie, with some added and changed special effects from the original. Since the floor was altered for Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, additional motion has been added to the movie for added effect. Missing though are the in auditorium fireworks that once lit the stage during the more intense scenes of the movie.

What hasn't changed is the classic Michael Jackson story and of course the music. This show is a definitely remind of how much influence this man had on the world of music, even into todays music scene.
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Marlene on 4/23/2011
A true classic I would like to have it on dvd or bluray.
Elizabeth on 9/22/2012
should not be at Disneyland the one and ONLY thing I hate about the park. Bring back honey I shrunk the audience lol
Keyblade Heroine on 5/13/2012
Boring... The 5 Stars are for MJ. ^^
Daniel on 5/23/2011
it was good but I would have preferred not in 3d
Beacher on 6/8/2015
Captain io, MJ sucked big time. However the Tomorroland movie preview is giood.
Anessa on 3/21/2015
One of the main reasons I go to Disneyland is to see Captain EO!! one of my top five things to must see! so sad it's down!
on 10/17/2013
Horrible, waste of time. Dated and cheesy.
Djrod1rep on 4/9/2013
The King of Pop....all u need to know!
The Pirate on 4/7/2013
great to see once but its time to put in something new
OswaldtheLuckyRabbit on 11/6/2012
I miss Honey I Shrunk the Audience
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