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Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

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Take on the evil Emperor Zurg, and earn points along the way as you blast his minions from space.
**As of 2/7/2011 Fastpass is no longer available for Buzz Lighyear.

Join Buzz Lightyear in his quest to ride the galaxy of the evil Emperor Zurg! You as a Space Ranger will pick up your astro blaster to take out enemies throughout the galaxy, while earning points along the way. As you go through the ride be sure to look for Diamond and Triangle shaped points as they are worth more points. Keep a keen eye out for targets that are lit, as they provide even more points.

TIP: Once you lock onto a good target keep shooting it over and over again to earn maximum points. It is often worth spending the most time possible on a diamond or triangle target than shooting haphazardly at the others. Also be sure to look for hidden targets, such as the one on the center of Zurg's chest on along the ceiling in the seeming dark and black hallway.

During the ride you will also have your photo taken, that once off, you'll be able to e-mail to yourself, family and friends.
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on 3/26/2011
We were able to take both of our young kids on this ride and have some fun ourselves, but it definitely does not hold a candle to the Toy Story target shooting ride near the roller coaster in California Adventure.
The Pirate on 1/10/2013
great interactive ride it keeps you busy making the ride quick. It Is a blast
Gracie on 9/25/2012
Super cool! Being able to be apart of the ride is what makes it fun. You can shoot targets with your lazer gun. Help Buzz lightyear defeat Zurg. Of course trying to get a higher score than your family is always fun too!
Knotts family on 6/13/2012
Ok folks.....take your family on the challenge of the galaxy. The ride starts, you get into your vehicle, suit up for infinity and beyond. You grab your Astro blaster and.....you will need to ride it to find out the rest...Enjoy!
TheDarkLord on 5/5/2012
my three yr old loves this ride but its funny because so do i.
tiki guy on 8/28/2011
Fun for everyone
OswaldtheLuckyRabbit on 11/6/2012
I'd give it a 10 if I could. I've loved it since I was little. Amazing, and the Little Green Men Pin Shop is the best place to get old pins, and brand new ones
Elizabeth on 9/22/2012
I love the ride and go on it every year but I had to give it a four cause I always end up with a funky blaster that doesn't work right. But I still love it!
Tannerpi on 8/30/2012
Really cool
disneygirl on 3/31/2012
Wow, this ride is pretty fun!!!!
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