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Hop behind the wheel of a miniature car, no drivers license required!
5 minutes
Average Wait
30 minutes
When to Visit
Early mornings or later in the evening
Age Group
Teens and younger (those who already drive probably won't care as much)
Special Considerations
Guests must be at least 52 inches tall to drive along but anyone can steer the car once it is out on the open road, as long as a parent is accompanying the child.
East side of Tomorrowland near the Train Station
The Autopia is a miniature car ride around a track. Guests do not have complete freedom of movement since there is a guide rail but this does allow for a wider age group to drive. Be careful when driving to not bump the car ahead of you. If there is a Cast Member within sight they will give you some pretty stern warnings, so be careful if you are going to bump your friends.
Fastpass Overview
The Autopia in Tomorrowland was one of the first attractions in Disneyland to receive the new Fastpass system during construction with its reopening in June 2000. Even though its queue was not specifically designed for Fastpass, it was reworked during its refurbishment and allows for a fairly smooth flow of Fastpass and Standby guests.
Fastpass Entrance
When you approach the sign for the Autopia you will notice information for Fastpass both under the very large Autopia sign as well as along the Innoventions building directly across. The signs along the Innoventions building will give you all the information you need to know to make the choice between Fastpass and the Standby Queue. This is also the area where the Distribution Center is located. The information under the Autopia sign includes the Fastpass time, and is where you will need to look when you return with your Fastpass tickets in hand.
Fastpass Distribution Center
The Fastpass Distribution Center is located across from the large Autopia sign along the Innoventions Building. This Fastpass Distribution Center has a specific entrance and exit, so make sure you double check the signs before walking up. The entrance is an upward ramp that starts under the sign that notes the Fastpass return times. Once up you may choose from one of several Fastpass machines. Once you are done getting your Fastpass Tickets continue on past the machines, and you will be heading toward the exit. It is important to note that the Autopia Fastpass Distribution area has been designed to feed people into Innoventions. As you exit you will then have the choice of either entering the line for Innoventions or exiting the distribution area. If you wish to wait for Innoventions stick to your left and follow the signs that lead you to the line for the attraction. To exit stay to your right and head down the stairs and back into Tomorrowland.
Fastpass Standby Line
The Standby Line for the Autopia is one of the few waits that will normally place you onto the attraction before the Fastpass return time. The wait is usually around 30 minutes or so. If you wish to ride this attraction twice, this is one that you will be able to do so almost every time you visit. Simply pick up a Fastpass Ticket and then hop into the Standby Line. If there is a longer wait for the Standby Line, usually around 30 minutes or more it will start right under the large sign for the Autopia. If the line is small, under around 20 minutes, Cast Members will simply usher you up the ramp and into the larger queue in the grandstand area. Once in the Grandstand area you will need to follow the signs posted and make a turn to your right, which will place you in the Standby queue in this area.
Fastpass Return
Once you have acquired your Fastpass Tickets and spent your time roaming around the park it is time to return to the entrance of the Autopia. With your Fastpass Tickets in hand, simply walk up to area under the large Autopia sign and you will be let through to walk up the ramp to the queue area. If the Standby Line is short, you may not meet any Cast Members until after you have walked up the ramp and made it to the Grandstand area. Once here the queue will split, and you will continue on straight, as indicated by the signs and by the Cast Member who is waiting at this location to take your Fastpass Tickets. From here it's a quick walk through some of the show elements of the queue, through the turnstiles, and into one of the two lines that lead you to the Autopia cars.
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?? on 4/19/2011
My kids rode it like about 7 times because kids get to drive all on their own like bumper cars but you actually have to steer and hold the pedal. Or you can't move around.. My son hated the lines but
Keyblade Heroine on 5/13/2012
Sooo much fun to go on during sunset! For all ages as well--I see lots of adults and teens on and they look like they're having fun too! Although, if you're on the tall side it might be kinda hard to fit in the car. Yeah the line is super long and annoying, but that just means you gotta learn to get a fast pass. :P
DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 12/8/2011
This is not for baby's its for all ages even grandpa &grandma
Jaylianne Sunga on 11/11/2011
Such a fun ride u should ride it 10 times
Asdruval on 6/10/2011
The cars are small so if your tall it might be a snug 6min, if yout car stops just press the petal down twice to restart the car. The petal is varry hevy 10lb of presure has to be held for 6min so even if your kid makes the hight dont asume there going to be ok.
Disneyland Dog 8-9-69 on 5/22/2017
A true Disney classic to experience the magic with in Tomorrowland! Kids get to drive a car on a scenic route that's always fun to be on, but the pedal can be pretty hard to press for them. It's always fun to get a drivers licensed for, and the queue is iconic and somewhat enjoyable.
GrimGrinningGhost on 12/28/2015
Fun for the kids but overall boring.
M&M=Love on 9/19/2015
Where else can a three year old drive a car? This ride is always fun and a must do for us.
BigMack on 7/15/2015
Eh...the cars need to go faster. I thought mine was almost out of gas because of how slow it was going, but nope that was just how fast it went. The pedal was ridiculously tough to press and by the end I felt like my leg would fall off. I can only imagine a kid trying to ride that alone. It'd be a good ride for the littler kids but not many else.
Sarahblue98 on 5/5/2015
Fun ride for everyone especially the kids tall enough to to drive the cars! It's very magical a night! It's a must do!
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