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Mickey's Toontown

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See how Disney toon's live and meet with them in their own homes in this land the toon's built.
Disneyland's newest land is that land that toon's built. Guests, especially the younger ones, can enjoy all the pushing all the buttons and playing with all the gadgets. In Toontown you can explore Donald's boat or wander through Mickey and Minnie's houses. This is definitely a land to let the kids wander around in. Be sure to push or pull anything you can. You may want to check out the electric company, the post office, and the firework factory. This is definitely a place kids can have lots of fun and make lots of noises.

TIP: Since Toontown is popular with kids and families it tends to get its largest crowds during the day. If you are not traveling with a family or have one that stays up late, you'll probably want to visit this land in the evening hours. Also note that during the summer, when the fireworks are running, Toontown closes around 8:30 p.m. This is for guest safety and performed on a regular basis.
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gerald Landrum on 4/30/2011
toontown is great for kids and adults both...great fun...enjoy magic mickey (mickey from fantasia) and also Roger Rabbit and ACME products...also chip and dales tree house...
Disney Jenn - DIO on 12/4/2015
To Sehon is a great area to take the kids. They can run around and blow off extra energy. Keep your eyes open there's lots of characters hanging around
Br'er Rabbit on 1/5/2014
Perfect for little kids. You can can meet lots of characters and let children have a little freedom to run around and use some energy that has been stowed up from waiting in lines all day.
Aurora0791 on 4/22/2012
This is my least favorite land in all the park. While the rides are good, the heat and lack of airflow are almost too much for me. Little ones love this land. So if you are going, go early or late after it cools.

Points of Interest

Chip 'n Dale Treehouse
Younger kids can climb up and through Chip 'n Dale's treehouse and come sliding back down.
Disneyland Railroad
Enjoy scenic views and a relaxing journey around the perimeter of Disneyland.
Donald's Boat
Climb around Donald's boat Miss Daisy, and see what noises you can make to wake your toon neighbors.
Gadget's Go Coaster
Small and short roller coaster ride atop tinker toys and other cobbled together elements.
Goofy's Playhouse
For the smaller tikes, Goofy has opened his house for them to crawl and climb everywhere.
Mickey's House and Meet Mickey
See Mickey's very own house and film barn, while waiting to meet with the big cheese himself.
Minnie's House
Minnie has an open invitation for you to visit her house and even interact with some of her appliances.
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
Spin madly through the back alley's with Roger Rabbit, and be careful not to get DIP'd!
Snack on ice cream novelties, sandwiches and drinks.
Daisy's Diner
Personal pizzas and salads with outdoor seating near Toontown City Hall.
Pluto's Dog House
1/4 lb hot dogs and chips can be enjoyed at the nearby City Hall courtyard.
Toontown Icee and Frozen Juice Cart
Hop on over to the trailer on wheels by Goofy's House and grab a frozen treat.
Toon-up Treats
Outdoor vending stand where you can grab a quick snack while on the go.
Toontown Restroom
Located logically at Goofy's Gas Station, this location has a few more visitors than most deserted roadside stops.
Gag Factory
Classic toon gags cycle overhead while you browse classic Disneyland merchandise.
Toontown Five and Dime
Classic Disneyland Park merchandise in a shop that connects directly to the Gag Factory.
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