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Board your traveling companions, take them for walks and give them Disney treatment for the day.
Pamper your pet in Disney style while you enjoy the parks during the day. Since no pets are allowed inside the park (except for assisting guide dogs), this facility provides an onsite location for you to board your companion for the day. The Kennel charges $20 per animal and does not take reservations, so it is recommended to arrive early. Various sized kennels are available and are handed out on a first come first served basis. Each pet will receive a small goodie bag of treats. A walking area with a fire hydrant is available, and it is requested that you come visit your pet a few times during the day.
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Diane - DIO Moderator on 12/3/2012
Requirements for Dogs The Disneyland Kennel Club and the County of Orange require rabies, distemper and hepatitis vaccination certificates from your veterinarian in order to board dogs over 4 months of age. Requirements for Cats Cats over 4 months old need vaccination certificates for rabies, panleulaopenia, rhinotracheitus and calcivirus.
AshleeJean on 10/28/2012
We have a golden retriever who is 8 months old. We live an hour and a half away so we can't leave him home. I was skeptical about the kennels at first but after our first trip I love it. We bring his blanket and toys and we usually get him a special bone for when we take him. We go visit him every few hours as requested by the staff. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful nether aren't allowed to touch your pets though so you have to let them out but it's a nice break.
Deborah Hanson on 4/19/2012
very good
on 3/9/2017
4 the Iowa city
y thanks I I illikkiwe 90000 on 8/1/2015
nice on 8/23/2011
I love it and u may too you see your pet or (s) get a treat bag I'm going to Disney land friday

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