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Disneyland Railroad

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Enjoy scenic views and a relaxing journey around the perimeter of Disneyland.
18 minutes, 4 1/2 minutes per leg
Average Wait
20 minutes
When to Visit
Late morning to mid-afternoon. The train is extremely busy after shows as people try to get around the crowds by taking this transportation system to other parts of the park.
Age Group
Special Considerations
Guests must be able to leave their wheel chairs and climb into the train.
The train has four stations, Main Street, New Orleans Square, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. Each is located on the outside of the land and is clearly marked for guests to find. The conductor announces each arrival and departure. You can find the New Orle
One of Walt Disney's favorite hobbies, the Train was part of every plan ever made for Disneyland. It offers a quick and scenic preview of the entire park and gives guests a chance to relax for a moment before they arrive at their destination. Along the way you will also have the chance of seeing the Grand Canyon and Primeval Worlds between the Tomorrowland and Main Street stations. This provides a quick glimpse into the world of the Grand Canyon and how it looked fifty million years ago.

Besides a great view the train can also be used as a fairly efficient way to travel between different parts of Disneyland. It is easier to take the train during the parades and shows so you don't have to wade through the masses of people. Be careful not to happen upon a train station right after one of the shows has let out though. A large portion of the crowds feel that the train will provide a quick way to the main entrance, but because there are so many people it will actually take longer to wait for and take the train instead of just walking.
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Isaac Ulibarri on 3/25/2011
this is always a fun Attraction to get onto, This Railroad has signifigant History, Cause Boy did Walt Love Trains, this was one of his favorite things, the reason he built it was so he could run his trains anytime he wanted ! Ride through the whole park while having a nice rest, on this fully working train, go through the grand canyon, prehistoric times, and the beauty of disneyland ! a must for all who want to see the park but want to take a rest, or just want to get to another land easily !!
disneygirl on 2/18/2012
At night eat ice cream on it while relaxing
Geffinis on 1/18/2012
The awesome "take a break" ride. Hop on at any station and ride all the way around the park. I generally don't use it to travel to a particular land unless I'm all the way across the park from the exit at the end of the day. Definitely saves your feet.
Anne on 10/16/2011
great place to rest your feet and soak in the magic
Lisa on 8/24/2011
Take the railroad! Your throbbing feet will thank you.
disneylover4life on 8/11/2011
Love this ride always have and always will.
squirrelly65 on 7/5/2011
Great way to rest and still be entertained. Leave it to Disney, this is not just a train ride, it has fun stuff to look at (besides the park) like the Grand Canyon, dinosaurs, American Indians, etc.
disney girl on 6/17/2011
It is a good ride to go on before you leave, so you can rest and relax your legs after walking so much! The times are usually short so that's good : )
Teresa on 5/25/2011
Great fot getting to the back side of the park quick when the park first opens. We made it to its a small world before any line had formed.
on 5/7/2011
A great way to get around the park & learning fun things about the park
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