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Disneyland First Aid

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Not feeling the greatest, or need something for that pesky headache? First aid nurses are on hand to help.
First Aid is staffed by Disneyland nurses who are available to help with very basic medical needs. If you have a headache and are in need of a painkiller or need a small bandaid this location can provide you with those needed supplies. First aid also has an on call medical team for emergencies that may happen throughout the park.
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Zerogirl on 8/22/2011
Used twice this year, have never had to use in the past, everyone extremely nice, even offered me a pillow and blankie when I said I was tired! Lol!
on 2/16/2015
i have to self cath and this team at the first aid station is the best there is. very friendly and professional and they make me very comfortable when I have use there facility, they gave you a private room with know interruptions so you can take all the time you need,this is the same at both park, keep up the great work!
Keyblade Heroine on 3/19/2012
Very, very sweet and experienced staff. :) They took their time and kindly helped my sister when her foot was injured. Thank-you! -^.^-
on 8/31/2017
Abigail on 5/28/2014
The nurses at DCA were fabulous when I brought my husband in for eye irritation due to Santa Ana winds. They got him right to the eye wash station, iced his eye, & gave him a new bottke of purified water drops. They gave me a map of all clinics in the area, just in case.
Macmommyx2 on 3/25/2014
needed some Benadryl for my little one. They did not have any there but got right on the phone to find out where in the park I could get it. They are so nice and helpful.
Veronica E. Arizpe- Lopez on 3/16/2014
Very kind and always understanding
l ë æ z ç ñ ß ë å on 2/20/2012
It was great you would get helped out
Jen - DIO on 8/27/2013
I'd give them 10 stars if I could. Little man was sick & they were amazing. Exactly what you'd expect at the Happiest Place on Earth!!
Carl on 4/7/2011
Both D'Land & DCA have tremendous facilities for the handicapped & children, very friendly and understanding that this is your day.

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