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Tarzan's Treehouse

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Join Tarzan in climb to the top of the trees, with movie characters and excellent park views.
How ever long it takes you to walk up 3 stories and back down
Average Wait
When to Visit
Anytime during the day, except during Fantasmic! because it is closed so people don't try to watch the show from there.
Age Group
Little kids would probably be most apt to enjoy this walk through because of its heights and treehouse feel.
Special Considerations
If you are afraid of heights I would not recommend venturing up because in some areas the tree moves as guests walk by, and its not really a comforting feeling. Although there is no safety risk involved.
The Treehouse sits at the exit of Adventureland that borders New Orleans Square
The Tarzan Treehouse is an interactive walkthrough of Disney's movie. Throughout the attraction you will find sound effects and even some surprises. The lower level includes a camp with all sorts of interesting elements and a character meet and great. Younger guests should enjoy this attraction.
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abominable ghost pirate on 7/14/2011
Aurora0791 on 4/22/2012
Little ones love this tree.. An adventure just for them. (And us too!)
Keyblade Heroine on 3/18/2012
Don't listen to anyone who says it's boring. It may be just a little walk and climb in a Tree House, but for anybody who is a Tarzan fan will love this. :)
disney girl on 5/21/2011
Me and my family go here every year to take pics and to look at every thing. It is very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pirate on 8/4/2014
It's fun to go on the tree house, I'm just afraid of heights lol
gal on 7/10/2014
it's cute. it shows tarzans story and cool things like how to draw
Heather Gonio on 10/31/2011
It's ok....just a huge jungle gym. Not the greatest if you're afraid of heights.
Tina Pfeiffer on 8/5/2011
Still miss the Swiss Family Robinson original but the Tarzan version is very creative and have to admit the music is better. Fun for all ages that can make the climb!
Teresa on 5/25/2011
My son is 6 and loved it, kept begging to go again and again.
Isaac Ulibarri on 3/23/2011
Enjoy walking through a amazing tree house situated right next to Indiana Jones, and Pirates, you enter the attraction, which almost never has a wait time, and see the detail from the world of TARZAN unfolded into the Tree house, i like to walk through this every time im in the park, though i feel i liked the Swiss Family Robinsons tree house better, But they are paractically the same, A fun WALKTHROUGH, i must warn this, it is not a ride just an attraction to look at as you ascend this giant tree house. Fun and kids will have a blast !! a must for anyone visiting the park, but if youre Handicapped, do not worry you are not missing anything special !!
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