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Indiana Jones Adventure

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Follow Indy on an intense adventure through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye with (shudder) snakes!
3.5 minutes
Average Wait
30 minutes
When to Visit
If you happen to be in the park before opening and are first in line to enter, or if you are there for magic morning entry, head straight for Indy. It only takes 10 - 20 minutes for the line to reach up to a half hour to a full hour, so unless your at the head of the pack you'll want to wait until later in the day. You will probably want to ride in the evening though, during Fantasmic!, people seem to forget about attractions during shows, so lines shorten up quite a bit during the show. Directly after Fantasmic! many people funnel into Indy's line, so it gets long for a while, but as the evening progresses it should be within reasonable length. If at anytime during the day you see the line starting underneath the sign and not snaking through Adventureland I would recommend riding.
Age Group
This ride is for the older members of the family from pre-teen on up. Most children are not tall enough to ride anyway. Because of the fast pace action, and rapid movements you'll have to be pretty brave to handle this ride. But if you're a roller coaster aficionado you'll have no trouble adjusting to this type of ride.
Special Considerations
This attraction uses strobe lights as part of the show. Due to the nature of this attraction, expectant mothers and guests with back or neck problems or any other conditions which might be aggravated by this attraction (heart conditions, motion sickness, etc.), should refrain from riding. Children under the height of 46" will not be allowed to ride due to safety considerations. This attraction is not recommended for the faint at heart.
Squeezed between Tarzan's Treehouse and the Jungle Cruise. It is hard to find the entrance, except for the line of people nearby.
The Indiana Jones Adventure is one of Disneyland's most unique thrill attractions, combining the motion of a simulator type ride with the excitement of actually being there and seeing the show elements in front of you. There is absolutely no other ride at any theme park like this. Travel back to the 1930's into a true Indiana Jones movie setting where you leave the world of Adventureland and enter the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. On busier days the standby queue can be quite long, with Fastpass tickets running out by mid-day. Even years later this is still a popular attraction.
Fastpass Overview
Fastpass at the Indiana Jones Adventure is definitely a very popular feature. Fastpass reservations run out on this attraction early compared to most of the other attractions. There have been nights where all the Fastpass reservations were gone by 8:00pm when the park closed at midnight. Definitely keep this in mind, as you will probably want to get Fastpass Tickets earlier in the day or in the afternoon, so that you have secured a place in line for later in the day.
Fastpass Entrance
The entrance to the Indiana Jones Adventure can get very crowded and a little confusing at times throughout the day. Guests are entering and exiting the attraction at the same place, as well as attempting to get Fastpass Tickets. Because of this you should keep a very careful eye on exactly what the signs above you say. You will notice the sign between the Jungle Cruise Building and the entrance to the Indiana Jones Adventure contains the information you need to make your decision between the Standby Line and using the Fastpass System. The Fastpass Distribution Center is actually located inside the first floor of the Jungle Cruise building, so it may be a little difficult to find it at first if you don't know where to look. The Standby Line and Fastpass Line both begin under the Indy sign through the normal entrance.
Fastpass Distribution Center
As mentioned above the Fastpass Distribution Center is located to the left of the entrance to Indiana Jones, in the Jungle Cruise building. Just because it is in the Jungle Cruise building does not mean you will be able to access this area from the entrance to the Jungle Cruise. This area has been separated from the rest of the Jungle Cruise queue, and has its own entrance and exit. The entrance is on the right side of the Jungle Cruise building, and is clearly marked. There is usually a short line to enter the Distribution area, but you should be able to get through this quickly. Once you have obtained your Fastpass Tickets exit out by continuing past the Fastpass machines.
Fastpass Standby Line
The way the entrance to the Indiana Jones Adventure is set up, it can become a little confusing where to enter the Standby line. If the line extends out past the entrance sign to the attraction, simply hop into whatever line is there. Once you make it to the entrance sign the Standby Line is the one on your left hand side. The wait for this attraction without a Fastpass can become very tiring at times. There are numerous areas that are set up as holding pens to hold groups of Standby guests. You will often remain in these areas for long periods of time before making a fairly long walk to the next area. Even though the queue was designed to be entertaining, standing in one spot can get very old very quickly. Unfortunately, this is often how this Standby Line works. Just be prepared for this if you decide to join the Standby Line when there is a long wait time.
Fastpass Return
The Fastpass Return Line, as with the Standby Line can be a little difficult to distinguish at times. If the line extends out past the entrance sign, you are probably best off just entering the line that is there. Once you make it to the entrance sign the line will split off and the Fastpass Return line will veer off to the right. Along your way through the queue, you will be asked to show your Fastpass Ticket a few times. These stops are: at the entrance to the Temple, in the Rotunda inside the queue, and finally in Indy's Office, where you will be asked to give your ticket to the Cast Member. From there you will have about a five to ten minute wait before you board the attraction.
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athomason92 on 4/14/2011
great ride. only at Disneyland can you be entertained while waiting in line. this is one of the only rides I can stand for an hour and not be bored. make sure to look for signs that say " do not pull" and break the rule for some surprises
Isaac Ulibarri on 3/23/2011
I personally find this to be the Best Ride in any of the Parks, right away from the second you enter Adventure land you are immersed in a 1930's themed Land, You cant miss this great ride, just look for the ominous temple or MARA, From the secon you enter this amazing Que, Which is ONE kilometer from beginning to the actual ride, you are in this ADVENTURE, from the painstakenly detailed World, the glyphs on the walls, the age of the stone, the excitement of being a Archeologist, Make sure you have an Indiana Jones Decoder Card, to cipher the Ancient Maraccan glyphs, and learn more about this adventure, Finally you have arrived to the the ride itself, As you enter the transport vehicle you are greeted by Sallah, and warned to not look into Maras eyes, then you begin you ride into the chamber of destiny, but what? you look into maras eyes, and begin youre descent to the gates of DOOM, But Indiana Jones is here to Save the day ! and go on an ADVENTURE and Escape the Temple of the Forbidden Eye !! this ride is so fun, and immersive, i must warn people who do not like fast rides, with BUMPY and Sharp turns to stay away, It may be too rough for some, BUT not ME, this ride is a blast a true ride That INDIANA JONES deserves !! Enjoy Tourists !!!!!
on 2/13/2011
Cute Little Ol' Attraction on 2/26/2011
Not to be missed! Fast, high-impact, high-intensity, adventure through Indie's wild quest. Enjoy the ride vehicles as it twists and turn, bobs and weaves, dips and dives through the temple, dodging poison darts and creepy crawlies along the way.
on 3/1/2011
Fun ride. The walk into the ride is long and confusing but worth it in the end. But it's prone to breakdown or have long lines. But the concept makes this ride really a Disneyland must do.
disney girl on 5/22/2011
This is one of my favorite ride in Disneyland. It's fun seeing the adventure of Indiana Jones . It's so cool that your actually get to be in the adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on 5/4/2011
One of my favorites!!!! This is a must see at Disneyland!!!
Frog1968 on 4/20/2011
This is the best ride in disneyland or ca. Not to be missed, especially since this ride is found nowhere else.
tikigirl on 10/19/2011
one of Disney's finest imagineering achievements. the details on this ride are phenomenal. the ride itself is super fun, exciting and funny at times. you will find yourself laughing and screaming at the same time.
DemelioAZ on 1/10/2012
Love everything about this ride. The queue is incredibly themed and even interactive. The ride is in desperate need of a refurb though. Often stops and breaks down. The boulder scene does not have the effect that it should.
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