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Enchanted Tiki Room

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A classic Disneyland show with catchy tunes that showcases singing birds, flowers and tikis.
13 minutes
Average Wait
Shows every 20 minutes, and unless there is a huge crowd, you'll have a max wait of 20 minutes
When to Visit
Anytime during the day, but when it is hot or the park is crowded this is a great ride to relax in.
Age Group
Young children should be quite amazed at all the birds an flowers singing around them. Most teens looking for that action adventure ride would probably be very board, as was part of the reason for shortening the attraction. Adults looking for a nice relaxing show after a hard day of running through out the park will find this attraction quite soothing, and a great break from the day long rush.
Special Considerations
Some small children may be scared during the thunderstorm scene in the show. Some children may also be scared by some of the seemingly chaotic scenes. Besides these considerations the Tiki Room is actually a very relaxing show.
One of the first attractions to ever use audio animatronics for the entire show, the Enchanted Tiki Room opened on June 23, 1963. Once planned to be a Chinese style restaurant/show where a audio animatronic host would entertain guests. The plans were scrapped and exhanged with the Tiki Room show. Because of these plans and concepts of making the Tiki Room also a sit down dinner show it is the only attraction to feature it's own restrooms. In 1997 the show was shortened by 5 minutes to accommodate the MTV generations short attention span. Designers removed the now infamous "offenbach" number where the parrets jokingly and innocently proclaim: "I'll get offen your back if you get offen mine." In their year of politcal correctness these lines and the whole song were cut out of the show.
At the gateway to Adventureland directly outside of the Adventureland sign.
The Tiki Room is a 13-minute long revue that showcases 225 audio-animatronic birds, flowers, tiki-poles and drummers. Join in as your four parretal friends, Jose, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz take you on a journey through the Tiki song and dance. The show is presented in an indoor - air-conditioned! - theater, where there is action all around. I suggest sitting in the back of a section on any of the four sides. These seats are padded, are more comfortable, and you can see more of the show. Each show starts on the 20, 40 or the hour, as is shown by the clock at the entrance to the attraction. In the outside waiting area a preshow starts about five minutes before you are let into the theater. This show talks about the statues and Tiki gods around you, and is not really worth the time to see unless you are already there. The Tiki Room is a good place to sit and relax on hot days, or when other rides are very crowded. While you are waiting outside you may want to try some of the treats at the Tiki Juice bar like the Dole Whip, pineapple spears, or some pineapple juice.
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Isaac Ulibarri on 3/23/2011
the Tiki Room is one of the most special attractions in the park, You enter the Que, and you are immidiately enveloped in the theme of Tikis, you see several totems, representing several of the Tiki gods. as you wait, might as well enjoy a Dole Whip, Pineapple Soft serve for the unexperienced. you then enter this que finding a nice seat to cool down in, you then need to wake jose and the birds, and the show begins, and this show is very Amazing. i dont think anyone young or old will find the Tiki room dumb or boring, from the second you enter youre part of the Show, Sing to the beautiful tunes that the Enchanted Tiki Room will provide, and make sure to say Hi to Jose, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz !
Mariah Shevchuk on 3/9/2011
One of the original Disneyland attractions, and a classic!
on 3/1/2011
A fun and light show featuring birds and singing. It's not too long and not too short and includes interactive singing.
pixies15 on 12/29/2011
I love the tiki room!!!! It is so amazing with all of the birds singing and flowers. With the pineapple ice cream at the concession stand!!!!! I love it
AZR2nut on 12/25/2011
Great classic show. My 8 year old fell in love with this attraction. He's still singing the Tiki song months later.
Ethan on 11/28/2011
I highly recommend this attraction. It will captivate the imagination of all ages in your party. This attraction is fantastic day or night. I prefer the night simply because the lit tiki torches enhance the island feel. Grab a dole whip float and enjoy this animatronic wonder with the whole family. ALOHA!!
tikigirl on 10/19/2011
one of the all time best classic Disney attractions. corny but fun and super cool. I have an entire room in my home modeled after the enchanted tiki room.
Tina Pfeiffer on 8/5/2011
The Enchanted Tiki Room is a true gem. Ignore the intro page of this app where it states that the pre-show is not worthwhile unless you're already there. The pre-show is a delightful part of this attraction, and was designed to complement the main show. The whole experience is a glowing tribute to the original magic that Walt created for children and parents alike. We always sing like the birdies sing and enjoy it (and we don't have kids)!!
kingdom keeper fan on 11/8/2011
Awesome attraction. Love the music!
Anne on 10/16/2011
Magical. love the music
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