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Bengal Barbecue

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Excellent meat and veggie kabobs that are priced a bit high for the delivered serving size.
Special Considerations
Vegetairan Selection, for guests who are vegetarians this restaurant location offers a vegetarian selection. For more information, ask a host or hostess to assist you with your order.
Located across from the entrance to the Indiana Jones Adventure, the Bengal BBQ is one of our favorite restaurants in the park, though prices are a bit high for the amount of food you receive. You can find chicken, hot beef (and be careful cause this stuff is really hot!) and vegetable skewers. There is also fresh fruit, vegetables, bread sticks, and drinks. If you cannot find a seat at the few tables that are right in the vicinity, you can walk over towards New Orleans Square and try to find a seat at the neighboring River Bell Terrace.

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on 2/12/2011
Bacon wrapped asparagus is amazing!
Damommachef on 5/8/2012
We like this place for a light meal. Sometimes the line is long but the last few times it was running more efficiently. There is not any seating--there is only a standing bar. We have tried all if the skewers and we like them all. Some of my kids like the banyan beef the best. The bread is warm and cheesy. Overall a good little place for a quick bite as long as the lines aren't too long.
Tony Pellonari on 4/22/2012
Our family's favorite place to snack! The bacon wrapped asparagus is to die for!!
E-Roc on 2/22/2012
great snack I got the hot and spicy one. it was what they say been going to dland for years and this is no my snack stop. try it if you like beef or chicken drenched in sauce. very tasty for a fair price
on 4/13/2011
Great tasting food and a great price
Artist_humor on 1/29/2013
Great snack that will fill you up after 3-4 skews and a must for any meat lovers. The down side is in my opinion they are a little over priced. Anyways back to the positives, try the Banyan skew if you a spicy food lover!
Bryant "MegaDisney" - DIO/MPT on 8/14/2012
Three words: bacon wrapped asparagus.
Geffinis on 2/13/2012
I really love this place! It's a great smaller meal or snack. Just make sure to grab lots of napkins!
Vixxie on 2/7/2013
Wonderful snack. Vegetarian options are delicious and satisfying too! Always the first stop for lunch when at Disneyland.
rlrsbabe on 7/17/2012
My family loves going here for a snack or light meal. I think we have had everything on the menu at one time or another and have enjoyed it all but the bacon wrapped asparagus is a particular favorite of ours. Don't pass up this little gem!
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