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Adventureland Restrooms

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These are busy restrooms located right at the entrance to Adventureland, quick access but often crowded.
These are conveniently located restrooms directly past the Adventureland sign at the land's entrance. During crowded days expect to join many other guests in this busy restroom. Be warned though the rain sticks from the nearby Adventureland Bazaar may be more than a subtle sound in the distance.

42 stalls (4 handicapped)

6 urinals
5 stalls (1 handicapped)
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Isaac Ulibarri on 3/15/2011
Sadly I've used every bathroom in the land and this one is so well hidden, ive seen people stand infront of it and ask me for directions, and I tell them you looking at it !! Nice restrooms, they are disney !!!
Dulcini on 10/2/2011
These bathrooms are currently closed for construction.. try going to the bathrooms at the Zocalo mexican food restaurant.. or hiking it back to the ones in New Orleans Square.
angel on 3/29/2016
Disney Jenn - DIO on 11/27/2015
Hubby usually needs to make a stop here but they are always very crowded
disney bear on 8/10/2014
The adventureland restrooms are super nice but very crowded because it's just through the main entrance of adventureland so I would go to a different restroom on different day thanks ????have a magical day
kingdom keeper fan on 6/2/2012
Surprisingly yet unsurprisingly unclean. Surprisingly because, well, this is Disneyland, a well-known company with a wide range of products and such. Disneyland makes a VERY high profit. You think they would pay more attention to maintenance. Unsurprisingly because Adventureland is a rugged, dirty section of Disneyland. I guess you wouldn't expect the bathrooms to look as if they had recently been imported from France.
"E" Ticket on 11/24/2016
Never crowded!
yas. on 9/19/2016
I have tummy problems and these are by far my fave bathrooms (female) to go to. number 2s are easy because there are over 20 stalls on each side, so you can go to the further back ones away from everyone to do your #2 business.
Macmommyx2 on 3/26/2014
one of the better bathrooms that is hidden and very clean.
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