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Don your pith helmet and British accent and travel through the wonders of exotic locals in this tropical region.
Explore the beauty and danger of this lush tropical region. Wander through shops, and take your pick form a myriad of artifacts and jungle treasures. After you are through shopping, hop aboard the Jungle Cruise for a pun cruise on many of the world's famous rivers. If you're daring enough, don your Indiana Jones apparel and head over to the Indiana Jones Adventure for a thrilling jeep ride through The Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Tips: This land tends to get a little overcrowded, for a jungle outpost, in the early mornings and during the day on peak attendance periods. The crowds are usually caused by the line for the Indiana Jones Adventure, so if your trying to get to New Orleans Square or Critter Country it's advised that you use Frontierland. Also note that after Fantasmic! they use Adventureland as an exit from the show and Frontierland as an entrance to the next show. So don't try to get through Adventureland at the end of Fantasmic! If you enjoy Steel Drum music or New Age music, you're in for a treat. Although not listed in the Disneyland Today different bands play through out the day for your enjoyment. One hidden treasure of Adventureland is the Bengal Barbecue. Here you will find some wonderful meat and vegetable skewers and fruits. It's highly recommended that you eat here.
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nevergrewup on 3/7/2011
This is the land I remember most from my childhood. A great mix of old tome charm with imagination and excitement that works as well today as in the past. You'll love just being here.
Disney Jenn - DIO on 11/29/2015
This is my favorite land in the parks. Always so much to see! Only problem is overcrowding of strollers in the tiny land.
hey Jr55 5553ezYWzz on 10/22/2015
Aurora0791 on 4/22/2012
This is my most favorite land in the park! Lush and tropical, lots of shade.
Heffefire on 4/20/2011
This is a neat little land with alot going on. Look for the ducks by the tiki room.
Isaac Ulibarri on 3/22/2011
Best Land in all the parks, it has everything, from the lush jungles in the jungle cruise, to the ancient temple of the forbidden eye, or watch beautiful enchanted birds, in the tiki room, or explore tarzans tree house. this land is full of true adventure and is always my first stop !! attention to detail is phenominal !!!
Tina Pfeiffer on 8/5/2011
Some of the original and most creative attractions live on in Adventureland. Even better when experienced after dark!

Points of Interest

Enchanted Tiki Room
A classic Disneyland show with catchy tunes that showcases singing birds, flowers and tikis.
Indiana Jones Adventure
Follow Indy on an intense adventure through the Temple of the Forbidden Eye with (shudder) snakes!
Jungle Cruise
Journey on the rivers of the world in this corny adventure, where some of the sites are Gnu.
Tarzan's Treehouse
Join Tarzan in climb to the top of the trees, with movie characters and excellent park views.
Bengal Barbecue
Excellent meat and veggie kabobs that are priced a bit high for the delivered serving size.
Tiki Juice Bar
Enjoy 1 of 2 locations on the mainland to serve the delectable Dole Whip soft serve treat.
Tropical Imports
Stop for a quick snack or drink on your jungle adventure. Don't forget to check out the jungle novelties.
Adventureland Restrooms
These are busy restrooms located right at the entrance to Adventureland, quick access but often crowded.
Enchanted Tiki Room Restrooms
These restrooms are limited to guests waiting in the queue area for the Tiki Room.
Adventureland Bazaar
A genie's lamp at the back of the store pontificates as you shop tropical wares.
Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost
Shop for adventure with Indiana Jones inspired apparel and other exotically themed gifts from the era.
South Seas Traders
Purchase a taste of the South Pacific with Hawaiian Shirts and Jungle Cruise inspired apparel.
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