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Four Day Weather Forecast

A weather forecast for the LA area may be obtained through this link: Weather Channel

LA Weather

There is one thing that everyone wants to know when planning a trip to the Disneyland Resort, “What’s the weather going to be like and what should I wear?” The weather in California can be crazy … but the chance you will experience a warm, sunny day is FAR greater then expecting rain! Packing for the SoCal weather can be pretty easy.

As a general rule, the summers offer warm to hot days with cool evenings. It will be good to wear shorts and a T-shirt during the day, and since the night time temperatures can be a drastic difference, having a sweatshirt for the evenings is a safe bet. Although it doesn’t rain often in Southern California, spring is the time of year it usually happens -- but even with chance of rain the temperatures are usually in the 60’s to 80’s with cooler nights. Guests visiting in the fall can expect some days to have strong winds, and windy days and nights can cause delays and cancellation of the Fireworks at Disneyland! Once into the winter season guests can expect pretty cold temperatures, in the 50's to 70's with a chance of rain and some wind so it’s good to have a jacket as an option for the late afternoons and evenings.

The following is a chart of the average temperatures and rainfall for the Anaheim area.

Weather Averages

Month High (F) Low (F) Rain (In.)
January 65 44 3.62
February 67 45 2.09
March 68 46 2
April 70 50 1.63
May 72 53 0.29
June 77 56 0.02
July 82 61 0.01
August 83 60 0.04
September 81 59 0.1
October 77 55 0.26
November 73 50 1.01
December 67 46 1.6


From January through May the temperatures remain fairly constant. Daytime temperatures will probably be in the mid 60s to mid 70s range while evening temperatures may go down about 20 degrees, from mid 40s to mid 50s. This is good sweatshirt and jeans weather.

June brings longer days and a bit warmer temperatures. While the daytime averages will probably be in the higher 70s and nearing the 80s, evenings may still get down in to the high 50s. Bring a wrap for the extended Disneyland Resort nighttime hours.

July through October will remain warm on almost a daily basis. Many days will be at least 80 degrees but could run in to the 100s on some August days. Evenings may cool down in to the mid 60s, but there is also the chance that the heat may just decide to stick around. So pack those shorts & tank tops for the parks, your swim suits for the pool, and plan on turning up the air conditioning in your hotel room. (Don’t forget the sunscreen & water!)

The end of October, November and December finally cool down the area and it is back to the 70s during the day and 40s/50s at night. The days are shorter, the air is crisp, and there is no better time to bring a cap and maybe a pair of gloves for the evening. Winter weather in southern California!


January through March are typically the rainiest months in southern California. Expect an average of 2½ to 3 inches of rain during these months. Sometimes it may all come on one or two days! Bring along ponchos, extra shoes & socks, and a willingness to visit the parks during a rain shower. It actually cuts down on the crowds nicely and does not shut down too many attractions, so enjoy!

April could still bring as much as an inch of rain, but you may not see another dark sky until the end of October. No need to prepare for rain during these middle seven months. If a freak storm sets in ponchos are available at the parks.

November and December may bring a bit of rain, but probably not more than an inch. More than likely you will be chilly but not wet during the holiday celebrations at the Resort.

Other Weather

Fog may be present during the mornings almost any time of the year, sometimes even in the summer. But it usually burns off quickly and should not alter your plans at the Resort.

High winds may cancel the Fireworks or Fantasmic! on occasion throughout the year, but while this is a disappointment it should not interrupt any other park activities or entertainment.

Santa Ana Winds usually occur during Winter & Autumn and bring dry, dusty heat. The worst tend to be during October when the heat of the winds combined with the dryness of the vegetation during the summer months add up to possible fire danger. It is hard to predict in advance when a Santa Ana might hit. Check a reliable weather source on television or online as the date of your trip approaches. While this type of weather should not alter scheduling at the parks (other than possible firework cancellation), the heat may slow you down.

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