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Special Cast Members

This page is for those special cast members in the park. If you ever see a cast member go out of their way, or try to enhance the environment of the park, tell us and we'll add them to the list of special cast members. This page is an online thank you to all the men and women that make Disneyland so great.

Maynard is one of the most well known cast members at Disneyland. He has become a legend with his act on the Haunted Mansion, and loves entertaining kids at the Hunchback of Notre Dame Festival of Fools. Disneyland Inside Out would like to give Maynard a Special Cast Member Award for his outstanding work in Guest Control, Haunted Mansion, Tiki Room, and the Jungle Cruise! Keep up the good work!

"Tommy Litwin was a special cast member who has taken a place in all of our hearts. Whether it was a special guest or other cast members. Tommy Litwin worked at Disneyland for a little over two years. He was a great team player with all of his co-workers. He tried to make everyone laugh with his funny looks, extrodinary sound effects, and best of all one day a child who had been crying all through a ride, tommy went up and wiped the tears out of the childs eyes. Hence, that child then stopped crying and that brightened Tommy's day. Tommy always loved a challenge whether it was trying to dispatch a rocket on space mountain in 15-20 seconds, or just catching a couple of waves as he crossed the Rivers of America with thirty guest on a raft. He loved to wear the Big Thunder costume with that big brown cowboy hat and those clumpy boots, trying to make others think he was a cowboy. The Haunted Mansion was also a special place for Tommy just being himself, making it a realistic ride for those who dare to enter the large white manor. As the ghost wait to give them all a chilling thrill that crawls up the back of their spine. Tommy would bring those joy who rode Splash Mountain and plunged down the flume away into the mist down by briars patch. Tommy enjoyed watching small children just struggling with the gas pedal since they were not able to reach it. Sometimes he had to run out onto the track to help the children bring the car past the finish line into pit row. If your heard someone caroling; yo-ho-yo-ho a pirates life for me well you might think the pirates would be singing. It wasn't just an ordinary day on the Pirates of the Carribean, because you would hear tommy singing along with those crazy pirates, as you plunge down pirates cove through a mysterious cave. The best thing that I can recall, was to see tommy on the World Famous Jungle Cruise. Yes, it was not just another ride but an adventure. As tommy took those guest into the jungle leaving the dock enter an era of the 1920's as they headed down the Irrawady River into the deepest parts of Africa. Not only did tommy make it an adventure and make you forget about the outside world but he made history time and time again with his frantic jokes that he told the adventurers. As those left the Jungle Cruise they will never forget that crazy, up the wall skipper that would not let you leave his tiny vessel. Unfortunately, one early morning tommy barely saw day break when his life had ended in a tragic automobile crash on the freeway. He has left this world and entered a world that in the near future all of us will enjoy those precious moments we had with Tommy. "

"Michael, Kori and Ginny are cast members at Great Moments With Mr.Lincoln. They always help entertain the kids (with the 'find the hidden eagle in the clouds' game) during what, for the little ones, is a dull attraction. They go well beyond the call fo duty, and will get special things for anyone who asks. They got me a Cal. Adventure promo pak (bumper sticker, button, preview flyer, etc.), many copies of the Disneyland Line (not being a cast member, this is a big thing to me), as well as the 'inside scoop' with Park going-ons. They always remember the regulars, and make you feel like a part of the Disney family."

"I met another great CM while waiting for the Mark Twain. His name was Mickey, and in addition to his namesake, he also did impressions of Donald and other characters. He drew in the largest crowd due to his jokes, who all followed him aboard the steam ship. He even out drew the Frontierland based Laughing Stock. Now I know many Mark Twain CMs let guests into the wheelhouse, but no others have been as entertaining as Mickey. He gave nicknames to everyone in the 'crew', which he remembered the next time we visited. If you ever see him, say hi for 'champ'. Oh, and ask if he's seen 'trouble' and 'wolf' lately!"

"I second that vote for Mickey. I saw him at Country Bears. I assume it's the same guy, since Frontierland CM's probably also work Critter Cty. He peppered the opening "move all the way to the end of the aisle" speech w/ bear puns so bad they belonged on the Jungle Cruise. :) ("And that's the grisly facts.") His accent (which I later learned was an act) sounded just like my Kentucky-born father's. He also incorporated lines from the original show that I thought only I remembered. I asked him if he had the LP, and surprise, surprise, he did. We traded notes on our collections (I had so many D-land LP's I remember thinking the name "Disneyland" at the top of a record was standard). I stuck around for the next show just to hear the rest of his speech. I couldn't help but wonder; why doesn't this guy take a turn on the JC? Needless to say, I made a point of putting in a compliment for him at City Hall."

"My friends and I meet these two guys named Scott and Brian. They were really nice. They told us all sorts of secrets and hidden things that their friends (how also work at Disneyland) will do for them. Scott and Brian work on the train as the people that seat people down and talk on the trains about the things that they see. These guys were the nicest people I meet there."

"Riva is a Cast Member that my eight year old daughter fell in love with at the Hunchback of Notre Dame Festival of Fools. We saw her in line with her own family at the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show. She was a pleasure to talk to and made my daughter's day. We will always be on the lookout for "Princess" Riva anytime we are near the Hunchback show."
Michael P

"I would have to put in a good word for "King Louie" on Splash Mountain, and "Mike" at the Blue Bayou. Both of them really made my day when I was there this summer. Mike because he gave me a discount at Blue Bayou and I wasn't a Premium passholder, and Louie because he calls me "babe" every time I appear in the ride line and he dances with me. I don't know why he calls me that, but he must have a reason. Now we have this running gag on the days I go to Disneyland. He's a funny guy."

"I would like to add a good word for Jennifer, Debbie, Jamie, John, and the other Debbie at The Hunchback of Notre Dame Festival of Fools. They always put a little punch of extra spirit into their everyday lines. Whenever I see one of them, they always seem to have something funny or cheerful to say. I really wanted to tell them thanks."
Elizabeth Keig ;)

"I would like to add David to your list of Special Castmembers! He works atCasa Mexicana. We first met David in July 96 as he greeted guests while they were in line. He had personality plus! We didn't mind the wait because of David. While we were talking to David my sister told him it was her birthday and if I remember correctly it was David's mothers birthday too. So before we finished dinner, out of the kitchen came David with a couple more CM's with a piece of chocolate cake, singing to my sister! What a memory! Then we had the pleasure of David's Disney hospitality again this past December, without the cake! He speaks to everyone and makes you feel welcome!"

"I was just reading your site and ran across your Special Cast Members section. What a wonderful idea. I wanted to mention an obvious one that I didn't see on your site. Maybe you left him off because he's not a regular attractions host, or maybe no one's mentioned him yet. In any case, my favorite Cast Member at Disneyland is Rod Miller, the piano player at Coke Corner. His playing is incredible, and despite the fact he's usually got a few of his "regulars" hanging around him, he always takes the time to ask the regular guests where they're from and talk to them. He's also recently been playing duets with Alan, a protoge of his, and those are doubly incredible. In my opinion, anyone who comes to Disneyland Wednesday through Sunday and doesn't stop to see Rod for atleast a few minutes is missing out on one of the park's treasures." [Ryan's addition] Doobie's wife also runs a Rod Miller site which is devoted entirely to the talented Rag Time pianist.
Doobie Moseley

"I would like to point out a great cast member at the Blue Bayou who's name is Julie H. She was a wonderful waitress and made our party of four feel right at home. She's been at the Blue Bayou for 13 years and is now a Trainer. She was so willing to answer all of our questions, no matter how rediculous, and when she was done with her shift she stood and talked to us for about 20 minutes. She even took the time to point out to us a few hidden Mickeys in the Blue Bayou. She invited us to come again and sit in her section which we did the next day. She was so busy with a table of "difficult" customers that she really had no time to talk at all. Near the end of the meal she brought out dessert for us and said that it was on her because she felt so bad that she didn't have alot of time for us!!!!! We really loved her and her whiplash sense of humor. We will ask for her every time we go there. "
David Enertson

"The best castmember I have ever met at Disneyland is Burton. I met him one cold rainy night at Fantasmic, where he was part of the most un-appreciated job in the park..crowd control. He was the sweetest guy, who went out of his way to help people find good viewing areas and politely requested them to move out of the non-viewing areas. I kept him company for an hour before showtime, battling the rain and learning about how he was a new worker to the Jungle Cruise. He had orginally been in costuming, but due to a captain shortage on JC, he got pulled for the ride. The next night I went over to JC, and took his ride. He brought new life to the tired old jokes and it made it a pleasure. My last trip we went around with him three times and the third time he almost soaked all of us with the spraying elephant and it was a blast. If you ever ride with him you'll know it when he ducks down screaming "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" when he almost runs into the waterfall."

"Sean at the Disneyland Railroad is a special Disney character. One late night my husband and I were looking at the map at the Main Street stztion while waiting for the train. Sean came over and gave us some history of the train, and explained all the lights on the map. It made the wait very interesting. We've seen him a couple of times since. He's always very friendly, and obviously enthusiastic about his job."

"My son (who was 9 months old at the time) had won a trip for 4 to Disneyland last September, and so in keeping with the fact that it was really his trip, the 4 of us adults catered to him. At one point it was getting quite hot so I decided to take him to the Princess Story Telling that was taking place, while 2 of our group went on the Matterhorn. My son liked the story (done by Snow White) but what he liked even more was the "sound effects guy". He made a completed fool out of himself by doing things like running in place and pretending to faint (when the story called for it). This man's name was TODD, I got his autograph for my son, as well as a picture of him with my son (he was the only character there that my son would go near). Todd stayed for an extra 10 minutes making faces and entertaining making that what I believe to be my son's favorite part of our whole trip. I aplaud any cast member, like Todd, who are willing to exert such effort to make a child happy, even though the child wont remember it the next day. I was so touched by this man's effort that I went to city hall and left a very nice letter to both Todd and his supervisor stating how much I appreciated it!"
Lynda Pattison

"My favorite skipper from the Jungle Cruise will always be Ryan H. It seems as though he always knows exactly what jokes will work to really get a crowd going. His tours are constantly changing, which is an added plus for those who enjoy riding his boats over and over. He really wakes up the old jokes and puts new life into what would be a day of boring and continuous trips around the jungle."
Elizabeth Keig ;)

"I have a cast member I'd like to add to your list of those who are special...his name is Chris, I believe. I saw him originally as one of those entertainment guys at the Festival of Fools (the ones who lead the crowd competitions and stuff) and then more recently as a Fantasmic! traffic controller, which I assume he moved to when they stopped running Festival of Fools. He kept everyone who sat for the hours of pre-show waiting entertained with jokes, guest interaction, and best of all, his own personal show of Fantasmic!, which left everyone with smiles on their faces. I'd never seen a Cast Member do this before, but Chris did a really good job of it."

"My best friend and I went to hear the storytelling by the princesses. Now we are both in our early twentys but it was wonderful. We got to listen to Snow White, but it was Todd in the background that really made things fun. The story telling was not just for the kids, adults can enjoy it just as much. And having it in the small area of the toy shop, makes it real personal. Getting to see some great work by the cast members.
Cynthia 'Anneke' Delker

"I always meet new cast members at disneyland. It's like a habit of mine. I meet Laurence this one day and he was very nice and very cool. He isn't out spoken like Maynard, he doesn't make people laugh, but he kicks. I would love to have him recognized as everytime I bring my friends I always introduce them to him and he always is cool. He even gave me a sneak at a rave under the bridge by the pirrates of the carribean. He kicks. I'd also like to give a shout-out to Gary in Star Tours! YOU GUYS KICK!"

I would like to thank Officer Don for helping to make my son's 3rd Birthday really special. When we went to City Hall in the morning, they were out of Birthday stickers. Later that afternoon, Officer Don saw us. He made sure Luke got his Birthday sticker. He also gave him an autograph book, signed it, and put another sticker on the page so he could have one that wouldn't get wrinkled. He then told us where to find Mickey so that the first page of the autograph book could have The Big Cheese's autograph. As my son continued around the park that day, he would tell anyone who would listen how nice Officer Don was. It is nice to see the effort to make a Birthday special for a small child.
Brenda Ahlemann

Have you ever visited Red Rockett's Pizza Port. Ask for Scott. He is a magical Cast Member. You won't be disappointed.
Thomas Byrne

Cast Member Benny was a riot in the Tiki Room with all his dancing around during the numbers. He got the audience to participate more than they would have without him there and many people stayed a few moments after (it was the last show of the evening) to compliment him and say thanks. It's always nice to see a CM that puts extra effort into making the D-Land experience more memorable and enjoyable. Plus, it looked like he was having as much fun working as we were playing. Benny made it seem like he wasn't just going through the motions. Definitely a CM to watch for and one who deserves mention on the web.

I would like to recommed Joey for your special cast member award. This guy works at the Haunted Mansion, and he is so fun! He is just plain scary looking (but still kinda cute) and me and my friend Chloe nicknamed him "Igor" cuz he just looks like an Igor. He stared down my little brother while we were there, and he chased me and Chloe into the Mansion's front door. Then, when i was least suspecting and waiting for the doors to the elevator to open, i turn around and he was lurking over my shoulder! He didn't even flinch when i screamed in his face- he just cackled and frolicked out the door. After the ride was over, we went back to take a picture with him, but alas, he was gone. If anyone has any way of contacting Joey, please oh please let me know, because he is on my hero list!

I second that thought about the red head. I'm not sure if we're talking about the same person but there was a red head on the Indiana Jones ride. Also Andrew and Mike (I think that is what their names are) from the jungle Cruse. last the one and only Christopher on the Tram to the park.

One day at Disneyland, my husband and I, both retired and both proud annual passholders, encountered a lovely young woman in the watch store on Main Street. Rebecca was wonderful to chat with and certainly brightened our day
- CybillVane@aol.com

Bob is one of the wonderful cast members that make Disneyland so special. Though we live in Northern California, both my husband and myself are Premium season pass holders, and visit at least 4 times a year. Every time we visit we make it a point to go have a meal (or 2 or 3!) at Carnation Cafe when Bob is working. The amazing thing is that he remembers us even if it's been months since we were last there! He gave us great tips on Disneyworld, too, where we are planning a trip in a couple of years.

Bob has been at Disneyland for well over 20 years (24 at last count, I believe) and it's easy to see why. You can tell he truly loves his job. He's an excellent waiter and always got our orders exactly right, even though one of us has dietary allergy restrictions and the other is just picky. :D Bob works Thursday through Monday (or did at the beginning of March '99), and is there for breakfast and lunch.

Im not sure what any of their names were, but this past March, I went to Disneyland with my brother(who is handicapped),my mom and my brothers friend. We had to rent a wheel chair because my brother can't stand up or walk for long periods of time. On most of the rides, the cast members didnt say much, but on the Jungle Cruise and Star Tours, some of the cast members were extremely nice. Especially the one on Jungle Cruise. I think his name was Scott. HE joked with the 4 of us while we were waiting for the boats in front of us to move so we could load the rest of the passengers(we got on the ride where everyone else gets off because my brother takes longer to get on the rides) and made us feel very comfortable. In a world where people tend to look down on others who arent "normal" the people at Disneyland make you feel as though you are perfect.:)
- LilDizney@aol.com

Recently my friend and i visited the park. After a full day of enjoying all the rides (and their lines) we had gotten very hungry. We stopped by the Village Haus, and this one young lady, Carrol I believe her name was, was very energetic, outgoing, and helpful. She helped brighten our day. I wish i had known about putting compliments at City Hall, I would of made a dozen. Thanks Carrol, whoever you are.
- Nic and Matt

I'd like to give honorable mention to three Cast Members for the Award, one is for the gal greeting guests as they entered the Red Rockets Pizza Port (I think thats the name), around noon time on April 19th, who let us get free soda refills if we promise to have a smile on our face.

The other is Sal, at the Hat shop in Fantasyland who went out of his way to make my trip to Disneyland more enjoyable, when he inquired about my trip and offered me a really nice HAT compliments of him. That was KEWL especially when I only had enough money to just buy one more souvenoir before going back home. Thanks SAL!!!

The last cast member was at the Story Book boat ride, who let some of the kids sit up front on top of the boat ride, and even let my niece sit up with him on the top in the back of the boat. He stopped our boat where Aladin and Jasmine dated then plucking a flower from the gazebo hanging above us handed it over to my niece. I'm not really a sensitive guy....but hey, that was sweet. My niece is still talking about it to this day.

Actually every single cast member I came in contact, was great, I just wished I remembered all their names.
- Ricky Tuialuuluu

I would like to nominate two cast members for this distinction. They are Bob and Randy, and they work the morning shift at the Carnation Cafe. I have seen them every single morning that I have been there in the past two years. They are extremely friendly and great waiters, too, and they make the Cafe the perfect place to begin your Disneyland day.
- Rachel

Last september (1998) my family and I visited disneyland and met a wonderful Tigger. We caught him standing alone beside teddy bearas arcade and my 2 year old (who was very upset that he could not go on splash mountain) was completely thrilled with seeing him. In all my years of visiting disneyland I have never seen a character spend so much love on one child. He held my son and rocked him and snuggled him with his nose. I even caught it on video. He almost rocked my son to sleep. It was wonderful. Many thanks to tigger!!!!
- Nonisuzi@aol.com

Last weak I went to visit the Matterhorn (my favorite Disney ride), but it was broken. I asked the cast member out front (Josh) what was wrong and he explained that there had been an avalanche in the mountain and they couldn't send anymore bobsleds 'till the Matterhorn Rescue Team cleared all of the snow off of the track. I argued that there was no snow on the mountain ... it's fake. Josh just chuckled and said, "of course there's real snow up there! And you know the temperature is getting warmer and that causes the snow to sometimes drift onto the tracks." I let it go at that.

Later on I was thinking how great it was that someone was really getting into the magic (like Maynard). I'm so sick of hearing about "technical difficulties" and "down-times". Mountains don't break! Thank you Josh for making our day a little more magical.
- Mark Sudock

Edwin is a cast member over in New O'rlean's Square and plays the saxaphone. I always check there to see if he is playing so I can sit back and take it easy for a bit during a rather chaotic day at the Park. Edwin is always fun to hangout with and shoot the breeze, and he always remembers who I am( by name ) when I drop by to say hello. Great job!!!!
- Faith

David P. who works at the Haunted Mansion is one of the best cast members that I have yet to meet. He was hilarious and succeeded in making everyone on the ride laugh. My friend Shannon and I took pictures with him, and later on that night when we say him, we got to know him a bit better, finding out he also works on the Colombia ship and the Mark Twain. With his quirky one liners and goofy facial expressions, my friend and I didn't hesitate to put in a compliment to Guest Services. If you see him, please tell him the girl Sarah with the white contacts says hi. :-) ºoº
- Sarah Lassek

My favorite cast members are the guys in the Goldon Horseshoe Variety Show. I love the way they interacted with and involved the audience in their show. I actually got picked to be in the show to "mosey" when I visited Disneyland a little over a week ago. It was so much fun, and good for me because I usually have major self confidence issues when asked to do something in front of a group of strangers. I'll always remember the sheriff of Frontierland for picking me to go up there and for having me introduce myself at the beginning of the show. I even got a round of applause for getting the half circle around him started so that the show could begin! :) I wish I knew their names, but I do know that they are outstanding cast members! They have a special way of making the Disneyland guests feel great.
- Lisa

The most in-character CM I've ever seen (next to Maynard) is a guy named David. When he works the Columbia, he talks with an Irish accent and sometimes can be heard singing "Whale of a Tale" under his breath. I've seen him in the Haunted Mansion too, where he actually sneaks out the back door and scares people in line. And he also works Fantasmic Crowd Control, adopting the calm, helpful manner that is necessary to the post.
- Flora

I know this is a bit late, but I wanted to tell you of our experience. It was December 26, 1997 at about six in the evening. Mickey Mouse was coming our of the museum near the front entrance and was being mobbed for pictures and autographs as usual. My husband wanted a picture of himself and our two small boys. When it was our turn, I couldn't get my automatic camera to work. After several tries I was feeling rather embarrassed and ready to quit when Mickey motioned to give me his camera. He(or she?) figured out what was wrong and gave it back to me. Grateful, I proceeded to take the picture and then back out of the way of all the other people who were waiting. This is when Mickey had me stand by him with my family and gave my camera to a person in the crowd to take a picture of the five of us together. Then Mickey autographed my boys' denim Disneyland hats without even being asked. We truly appreciate the effort that he made on our behalf. Instead of just moving on to any one of the other picture-hungry fans, he made us feel special. Our family will always remember his kindness to us when we look at our photo with Mickey! Thank you!
- Lisa Kleinman

I would like to tell you about an exceptional young man who works for Disneyland. His name is Toby and he works as a security guard for the new theme park. What a guy Toby is! I was recently visiting Disneyland with my family and we were curious about the new area, Toby had all the information we needed plus good tips on making our way through Disney. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable. We saw him for the next three days that we went to Disneyland and each time he greeted us with a very friendly smile, just the way we would expect to be treated at the "Happiest place on earth!" Toby deserves a big pat on the back for being the best Disneyland employee I've ever had the honor to meet! My family and I will return to Disneyland and we hope to see Toby there again.
- Tiffany Wagner

Well today we BIT THE BULLET and took the grandkids to DISNEYLAND. It was Wade and Michaels 5th Birthdays. Our pick of the day is "ALLIE of THE JUNGLE CRUISE"she was so funny we all (9 of us) laughted the whole cruise. We didnt know that elephants and snakes weighted 5000 lbs. each, but according to her they do. She was very entertaining and before we knew it the ride was over, BUT not before "ALLIE" had the whole boat of guest singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wade and Michael. Thanks "ALLIE" Your The Best.
- KauaiKalake@aol.com

My friend Ali and I are AP's who visit .......well....A LOT!!!!!!!!! Many CM's remember us by our matching Mickey beanies, Matching Disney Tees ( Fantasmic!, Pirates, and JUNGLE CRUISE!!!!), and matching names (Ali and Aly). We have even been dubbed the Official Jungle Cruise Cheerleaders. One particular Jungle Cruise skipper has remained our friend and favorite skipper since Jan.'00. The one...the only...ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!! We love his enthusiasm and his adorable "genuine" British accent. Each time he spots at the land he points, winks, smiles, chats, or even grabs onto one of us and won't let go. He's even tried to give us flowers! What a gentleman. He is really what CM's should be all about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you Andrew! " Bottoms Up Colonel!...Right!".
- Ali, Aly

I would just like to mention how wonderful the engineers on the trains are. My son Ben has been a train fan since he was very young and when we were at Disneyland when he was about 13, we were talking to the conductor while waiting for a train and telling him what a big fan Ben is of trains.He suggested that we talk to the engineer and maybe Ben could ride in the engine. We took his advice and Ben and his Grandma were lucky enough to ride in the engine. The engineer explained everything to him and told him all sorts of interesting train stories all around the park. This man had been at the park for years and years and he really made my son's trip a really unique experience!
- Linda Pepa

I met Danny the summer of 1998 outside the Golden Horse Shoe Review at that time he was the mayor of Frontierland. He is quite an entertainer, he goes out of his way to get the guests involved in whatever show he is doing at the time. My family and I were in the park on New Year's day and found him playing the part of the Emile the chef in New Orleans Square. He made a point to talk to us after the show and mentioned that he remembered us from the year before. I don't know if he really did or not but it makes you feel kind of special. Danny is a great cm.
- itzak

Well, I don't remember her name, but I would like someone who may know to congratulate a castmember for me, and to see if anyone else knows her, Riding the Jungle cruise (of course) I was pleasantly supprised by a whole new approach. The pretty red head (I think) CM had a decidedly new approach to the ride, and I loved it. She wasn't afraid to be a woman in the jungle, and poetically used it as her whole frame of reference. With a blasé and matter of fact attitude she told us about how the headhunters mother-in-law was a bore at the party they went to Friday night, and frankly, he had behaved poorly. Among other comments about the bathing habits of the natives ?or was it the animals themselves? and the house keeping of the sacked camp-site, she made a uniquely fresh ride out of what may sometimes be "staled" by the cm's themselves. She was wonderful, and my kind and patient wife took my exuberance of her performance with the usual punch in the ribs. She says I have a thing for redheads.

I have to agree with the message [above] that was posted on your web page. When I saw that you were recognizing outstanding Cast Members, I immediately thought of her. I think she is the same one I had on March 15, 2000 Jungle Cruise. My family and I have been coming to Disneyland all our lives, having grown up in So Cal. This year we have an annual pass and took the kids on Spring Break. We have been on the Jungle Cruise at least 100 times if any, and I know ALL the jokes by heart. But Miss Redhead breathed new life into the script. We especially liked " ...he weighs 2000 lbs and can jump 30 feet!" This applied to the tiger, the gorilla, a couple other animals that I am drawing a blank on, as well as the Cast Member on the dock that was about to help us out of the boat! We laughed for days about this. I was disappointed the next time I rode JC and she wasn't my captain. She's the BEST!
Shawn Glahn

I just want to thank all the cast members out there for making Disneyland so special. Most of the cast members belong here, but I would like to recognize three truly awesome Cast members. One is the Frech Mime in New Orleans Square. He goes out of his for you on your Birthday to truly make you feel special. He takes you on this almost never ending journey in new orleans having people sing to you and giving you gifts. He is truly awesome and he showed me stuff in the gallery that I have never seen before like the model of space mtn, which was awesome especially since it is my fav ride. The other special Cast member is Daniel who works in toon town in the gadetworks store, he was a total sweetheart and he went out of his way to help me get Zoey from rollie polli oli (My mom wanted her for her b-day) They ran out of her in the store but he searched all over D-land to find her. Thanks Daniel!! The Other Cast Member is Keith. OMG he is the most sweetest guy ever!!!!!! He is in the entertaiment area and he is always at Disneyland on his off days. He will talk to you forever and answer any questions you have about the park, He is so enthusastic about his job it is just wonderful. He could make anyone love Disney. Everytime I see him he recognizes me and says hi to me by my name and gives me the biggest hug ever. If you ever see Keith walking around.(He loves the haunted mansion) you have to say hi to him! You won't regret it! He even took my family and I to lunch. Sadly Keith may be leaving the happiest place on earth due to his battle with Leukemia. When he goes he will truly be missed. Thanks Keith for the 5 great yrs of service you have given thus far.
Loyal Disney Lover

Jonathan is a great host for the Golden Horseshoe. He treats all of his customers with respect even when they can be very rude, I was there when a Guest was intentionally very rude. He stayed very calm and collected. I think he deserves an award of appreciation.

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