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Many times guests see items in the park that they want to get but they decide not to spend their money. But of course when they get home they realize they really should have picked it up, and frantically try to find information on how to get items sold in the park. Well here's some tips on finding the Disneyland merchandise that you really want.

If the item you are looking for is a more generic Disney item you will probably be able to find it at a local Disney Store or K-Mart/Wal-Mart like store. I'd recommend checking your local Wal-Mart's first since their prices tend to be cheaper then the official Disney Stores, and many times you will be able to find the exact same merchandise. Your second bet it to visit a local Disney Store. These usually carry some exclusive Disney merchandise that you may only be able to find within the Disney world. Prices at the Disney Store tend to mimic those of Disneyland, but can be a tad cheaper at times. I'd highly recommend looking into either of these locations before continuing on, because prices will be cheaper and you will save on shipping.

The next location you will want to look into is the Disney Catalog. The Disney Catalog offers most of the same items that you can find or get ordered at a local Disney Store. You can request a catalog online at: Disney Catalog Online. If you can get your local Disney Store to order any of these items for you might be able to save on shipping, but they will often order it and have it shipped directly to your house.

Finally if you cannot find the item your interested in at any of the above suggestions you can call Disneyland DelivEARS. This is a mail order phone number that is directly connected to Disneyland. They can get you any merchandise that you saw at Disneyland, including Disney Gallery artwork, and any Disneyland specific merchandise. Basically if it's in Disneyland and in stock they can get it for you. The only downfall is that shipping and handling is quite expensive on many of the products. To order from the DelivEARS call 877-560-6477. You will also find that many of the special and exclusive merchandise that is offered at Disneyland can be purchased through this number.

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