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Guest Services

The following are some services that are offered to all Disneyland Resort Guests. From money matters to car assistance, Disneyland has most everything you need.

Parking Lot Assistance

The Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC) and AAA offer the following free services to all Disneyland Resort guests: stalled car services, flat tire changing, and towing up to three miles (jump starts, lock-out services and flat tire changing are provided by Disneyland). If you need help with any car problems either keep an eye out for the little Disneyland Security cars, or walk to the Tram areas and contact and parking lot Cast Member. If there are no Cast Members at that tram stop when you arrive just wait for the tram and notify the Cast Member at the back of the tram. If you have trouble no less then three hours before park closing there should also be Cast Members located in the tollbooths where you entered the lot.

Baby Care Center

Located  in Disneyland on the northeast end of Main Street between the Camera Shop and First Aid and behind Ghirardelli Square in Disney California Adventure, the Baby Care Center provides facilities for preparing formulas, warming bottles, nursing and changing diapers.   They even have high chairs, toddler potties, and extras of items you may have left at home. You can also find diaper machines and changing tables in restrooms in  virtually every restroom throughout the Resort.  

City Hall 

City Hall/Guest Relations Lobby (For Disney California Adventure) is the place to speak to a guest relations host about any concerns, compliments, or general questions about the resort. The cast members working at City Hall are trained to handle any type of situations that may arise and are there to ensure guest have an enjoyable time at the resort. City Hall itself is the place to go for many things, such as Disney Dollars, foreign currency exchange, Birthday Buttons, concerns about your stay, compliments for cast members who have done an outstanding job, and for Guest Assistance Cards. City Hall will also be able to point you in the right direction for any type of question you may have, from dining reservations to tours, to even questions outside of the resort such as entertainment in the Anaheim area.

Exit and Re-entry

If you wish to leave Disneyland and return the same day during regular operating hours, either via the Main Entrance or the Monorail Station at the Disneyland Hotel, a valid Disneyland Passport (Annual Passports included) and a hand stamp are required for readmission. You may also reenter the Parking Lot on the same day (free of charge) if you retain your parking receipt and present it at the Guest Parking Entrance.

First Aid

A registered nurse is on duty at the First Aid Station, located adjacent to the Plaza Inn on Main Street in Disneyland and in the Chamber of Commerce on Buena Vista Street in DCA. If you have a headache you can pick up free tablets by signing you name and you will receive a cup for water. First Aid also offers a place to rest for those who aren't feeling too good and guests can get Band-Aids and the like for minor cuts. If you have a larger emergency have someone in your party notify the nearest Cast Member and they will notify First Aid and if needed the paramedics.

Kennel Club

Board your pets for a $20 in the Disneyland Kennel, just east of the Disneyland Main Entrance.It is recommended to arrive early if you have larger dogs/pets to get the bigger crates, as they do fill up. There are no facilities to house your animal's overnight. Don't worry about what type of animal you have either. The Kennel has cared for everything from the normal dogs and cats to pigs, lizards, fish and other exotic pets.

Special Services for Guests with Disabilities

Accommodations have been made throughout Disneyland for Guests with disabilities. For specific information, obtain your copy of the Guidebook for Guests with Disabilities or a Disneyland Park Braille Guidebook at City Hall and the Guest Information Booth (Main Entrance). Written storylines are available for use at many Disneyland attractions. Please visit City Hall for a complete listing. A limited number of wheelchairs and Electric Convenience Vehicles are available. Rental fee and a refundable deposit apply. Guests must be at least 18 years of age to rent and Electric Convenience Vehicle.

Stroller Rentals

A limited number of stroller rentals are available for a nominal charge on a first-come, first-served basis. They are located on the east side of the Disneyland Main Entrance, just inside the gate, or a rental voucher may be purchased at any Main Entrance Ticket Booth. Strollers cannot be accommodated on attractions.


For the comfort of all Guests, smoking is prohibited in these areas: attraction waiting areas and interiors; stores, indoor and outdoor dining areas and other popular open-air areas, such as those designed for parade and stage show viewing.


Lockers are located outside of the park near the lost and found window, inside the picnic area, to the left of the Disney California Adventure main entrance, and inside Disneyland on Main Street behind the Markethouse. Locker rentals are per day; $7 for a small locker, 10 for a medium, and $12 for a jumbo. You will receive a receipt with the locker number on it, and you will be able to program a lock code for your locker for unlimited use throughout the day.

Lost & Found

Located just outside of the Disneyland park entrance gates and to the left, the lost and found of Disneyland is the place to go to check up on any items that may have gone missing during a stay anywhere at the resort. It should be noted that items do take time to reach lost and found, and could take a few days for more common items such as glasses, hats, and sweaters. Items such as cell phones or wallets will arrive quicker, and you can always call the phone number at (xxx-xxx-xxxx). The phone lines are open from 8am to 8pm, and the window outside the park is open usually 30 minutes before park opening until one hour after the latest park closing.

Picnic Area

Since technically food is not supposed to be brought into the park, Disneyland does offer a well concealed eating area for guests who decide to bring their own meals. The picnic area it located to the left of the Main Entrance hidden behind a bush covered fence. Here you will also find a few vending machines.

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