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Fact and Fiction

  • There is a gold stake in the cobblestone, indicating the geographical center of Disneyland located under the interior archway exiting Sleeping Beauty Castle towards King Arthur’s Carousel.

    FICTION: While there is a survey marker located here, it is not the geographical center of Disneyland. There is another of these markers located in the walkway leading from Pirates of the Caribbean to the Haunted Mansion.

  • The figures located in Snow White’s Grotto were an anonymous gift to Walt Disney.

    FACT: They were received during construction of the park. Because they are all made on the same scale, the Snow White figure was place high and far away utilizing a Disneyland staple, forced perspective, tricking the eye into thinking that she is taller than the Dwarves are.

  • The animatronic figures inside Splash Mountain are recycled from another Disneyland attraction.

    FACT: The figures came from the America Sings attraction that was located in the Carousel Theatre in Tomorrowland (now Innoventions). Several of the figures still reside in Tomorrowland, the worker robots in the Star Tours queue are Geese, plucked of their feathers!

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