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Dining and Snacking


Disneyland has snack carts throughout the park, so you can pick up a little something to satisfy your appetite without waiting in long lines at one of the restaurants. These carts offer sodas, fresh fruit, pickles, churros, popcorn, sports drinks, water, cotton candy, ice cream and other drinks and snacks. The majority of these carts are open daily from around 11:00am and usually close around 5-6pm.

Most of the food on the carts run about $3.00, and sodas and bottled water cost $2.79.for a 15oz. bottle. Please note, no attractions at the Disneyland Resort allow food and open beverages to be taken on the rides. There are trash cans at every ride entrance as well as along the queue. Be sure to finish your food before you ride!

Bringing Your Own Food

Even though outside food is technically not allowed inside the park you can still bring your own drinks and snacks. This is a great hint to help keep food costs down – just throw the food in a backpack to carry it around with you or rent a locker for an easy storage solution – you can even keep your extra layers of clothing there until they are needed! For outside meals, there is a picnic area to the left of the Main Gate with tables available Dining locations do not allow outside food to be eaten at tables, as those areas are reserved for customers buying food at the from the restaurant. It’s a great idea to bring some smaller snacks and drinks to help you’re the younger guests filled and happy all day. You might find some of the parks snacks come at a much higher cost than bringing your own food from home.

Eating Outside the Park

If the food in the park is a little too expensive for your pocket book, there are many places to eat outside the park. If you came to Disneyland by car you can leave the parking lot and reenter without paying for parking again, as long as you have your parking voucher you received when you entered the parking lot. Please check the Local Restaurant Guide on the Disneyland Resort Section.

Priority Seating Reservations

There are many restaurant locations that take Priority Seating reservations at the Disneyland Resort, but there’s only one that is near impossible to get as a walk-up guest, and that’s the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. If you are going to try for a walk-up, it is recommended that you get your reservations early in the morning. Walk-up reservations can be made at Guest Services inside the Town Hall building on Main Street, USA, at any Guest Service location at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotel (Resort Guests Only) or right at the stand at the entrance to the Blue Bayou.

All table service locations at the Disneyland Resort offer Priority Seating up to 60-days in advance by calling Disney Dining at (714) 781-DINE, or (714) 781-3463.

Priority Seating can also be made for the Fantasmic! show at Disneyland up to 30-days in advance by calling (714) 781-4400. The reservation offers reserved seating and a great dessert box with unlimited soda, water, coffee or hot chocolate both before and during the show. The cost is $59 per person age 9+ and $49 per child ages 3-9.

Breakfast in Disneyland

There are currently four restaurants in the Disneyland Park that offer Breakfast:

  • The Plaza Inn (This is an all-you can eat Character Breakfast.)
  • The River Belle Terrace—buffeteria style dining
  • The Tomorrowland Terrace – counter service
  • The Carnation Cafe – table service with priority seating available

Hint … one of the best breakfast experiences can be found at Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel! Just a short ride on the Monorail will find a wonderful eating experience with all the regular breakfast favorites, including the best Eggs Benedict at the Resort! The restaurant’s atmosphere is nostalgic of the 1950’s Disneyland era with lots of photos of past Celebrities!

For more information about dining options please see the Dining Section in the Resort Guide.


There are many restaurants throughout the Disneyland Resort and Downtown Disney District to choose from. With options from outdoor fast-food restaurants to the indoor Blue Bayou and everything in-between, eating is as much fun as the attractions! A good tip is try and eat early or late, since there are very large crowds and lines can be unbelievable during peak lunch and dinner hours. (The busiest lunch crowds are from about noon to two in the afternoon.) The busiest dinner hours are from 6pm-8pm, so if you want to beat the dinner crowd it’s a good idea to plan around those times.

Dining Tips

  • All Counter Service locations take Cash, Credit Cards, Disney Gift Cards and Disney Dollars. Snack Carts at both Disneyland and DCA accept only cash and Disney Dollars.
  • Coffee has free refills if you keep your cup
  • Clam Chowder in a bread bowl is good for a cheap meal that you can find at the Royal Street Veranda, Café Orleans and the Harbor Galley. You get the benefit of eating the soup and the bread bowl, so it is actually quite a large meal.
  • Kids meals are good for adults too and they don't check to see if you are age 11 or under. Prices for most kids meals range from $4-6.
  • The Harbor Galley offers some of the largest servings for the cheapest prices. Unfortunately it is only open during the busier times of the year. The fries are large enough for at least two people, if not more. Combine that with the Clam Chowder in a bread bowl and a drink and you've got the most food for the money at any restaurant.
  • If you want pizza, Village Haus restaurant in Fantasyland is a great bet. It offers the largest size personal pizza for the price. Redd Rockett's Pizza Port offers pizza by the slice, but the personal pizza is a better buy – Redd Rockett’s also offers a whole pie option that is a great way to feed a family!
  • Priority Seating for most sit-down restaurants can be arranged by calling Disney Dining at (714) 781-DINE (3463) or dial *86 from any Resort payphone, daily from 7:00am - 9:00pm Pacific Time.


Disneyland offers a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages from Cokes and water offered at outdoor vending stands to the Mint Julep in New Orleans Square. Prices for bottled drinks are $2.75 each, so a very easy way to save money is to pack in water and drinks or use the drinking fountains located throughout the park.

Because of the family atmosphere in Disneyland there are no alcoholic beverages served anywhere in the park, with the exception of Club 33, which is off limits unless you are a member. Disneyland frowns upon the consumption of alcoholic beverages in the park and you may be asked to leave if caught. There are many options for enjoying an adult beverage while at the Disneyland resort, including locations at Disney’s California Adventure, Downtown Disney and at both the Grand California Resort & Spa and the Disneyland Hotel.

Character Meals

The Disneyland Resort offers several Character Dining experiences. For more information please see the Character Dining Section of the Resort Guide.

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