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Disneyland is truely the Happiest Place on Earth, where the magic enchant kids of all ages.
The "original" Disneyland opened July 17, 1955 to huge crowds and much fanfare.
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abominable ghost pirate on 7/14/2011
my first favorite theme park (although it's much more than that)
gaby on 5/22/2011
Best place ever
Anne on 10/16/2011
Wish I was there right now!
Heffefire on 4/20/2011
The original ..... enough said. You can't beat the only park Walt walked thru.

Points of Interest

Don your pith helmet and British accent and travel through the wonders of exotic locals in this tropical region.
Critter Country
Find your laughing place on a blustery day with critters of all sizes, but watch out for Brier Fox & Bear!
Explore the Disney classics come to life in entertaining dark rides that are great for kids of all ages.
Visit Disney's recreation of the American frontier, float on the rivers of America, and hop on the wildest ride in the wilderness.
Main Street USA
Travel back to the early 1900's in Walt's idealized version of his hometown, Marceline, Missouri.
Mickey's Toontown
See how Disney toon's live and meet with them in their own homes in this land the toon's built.
New Orleans Square
Travel to the French Quarter of New Orleans, and visit 999 happy haunts or sail pirate-infested waters.
Blast into this classic HG Wells and Jules Verne of the future and journey through both liquid and outer space.
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