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The Little Mermaid Ariels Undersea Adventure

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Ariel and all her friends welcome you Under the Sea in this highly detailed and energetic attraction.
When to Visit
This attraction is good to visit any time during the day. Since it uses the tried and true Omnimover system, seen on such rides as the Haunted Mansion, this is an extremely high capacity ride. This means many guests can ride per hour and wait times are rarely very long.
Dive under the sea with Ariel and all her nautical friends. This attraction is one of the most highly detailed and animated Disney dark ride experiences yet. This is the first time that the Little Mermaid has been brought to life in a Disney Park attraction, and guests are taken into an immersive experience featuring many of the hit classics from the movie.
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Asdruval on 6/10/2011
A varry cute ride just like walts clasic dark rides, yea it chops varry big parts off of the movie but its varry well done and gets the point out.
Cyn Dez on 5/31/2011
The line seemed to stretch around the pier but it's definitely not a long wait, the line moves smoothly... The colors are beautiful! Well worth it... Walt Disney would be proud :D
Zerogirl on 6/5/2011
Waited in line 90 minutes first thing this AM, but the line kept moving. Beautiful ride; adds a lot to CA Adventure. Disney rocks again!
by on 7/15/2011
Great ride for the little children. It seems to be missing parts from the movie, but it does get the point out.
paper on 6/24/2012
Me and my friend took pictures on the ride and I didn't know how to take the flash so the other people around us weren't happy campers.
HeyDerp on 6/13/2011
Very good ride! Mr limpet makes an appearance ;)
Diana on 6/9/2011
The line looks bad but line keeps moving and the ride is amazing. My daughters loved it well worth the wait!
Heidi on 5/31/2011
I loved this ride. So glad they added this California adventure.
I<3disneyland on 5/28/2011
I love this ride I think everyone in the family will enjoy it
Cainla on 5/26/2011
Soft public preview 2day......was awesome! Great job big D!
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