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Paradise Pier Ice Cream Co

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Enjoy the best soft serve ice cream in the Resort, with a vanilla base and a wide assortment of added flavors.
Paradise Pier Ice Cream features smooth and sweet soft serve ice cream cones for Guests of all ages. Their ice cream even has a "colorful twist" that will make any Guest's hot summer day turn cool. The motto? "Catch a Flave while you're sittin' on top of a swirl!" This is a great place for Guests to enjoy dessert or a midday treat.

Soft Serve Ice Cream
Vanilla, Chocolate or Swirl served in a cup or cone
$3.19 Regular
$3.69 Large

Beachfront Floats
$4.59 Choice of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Barq’s Root Beer or Sprite with Vanilla Ice Cream!

$2.79 Coffee
$2.99 Regular Soda
$3.49 Large Soda
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RIL€¥ on 12/7/2016
I know that they probably serve the same ice cream throughout the park, but this place does it the best. Especially on hot days, this is a must-go for any dessert cravings

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