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Mickeys Fun Wheel

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Ride to the highest viewpoint in the park with breathatking views of Disneyland and California Advneture.
15 minutes
Average Wait
15 minutes
When to Visit
Any time of day works for this attraction, but nighttime will offer Guests a breathtaking view. However it may be a little chilly!
Age Group
This is a fun attraction for everyone in the family. Be aware that taking a stationary gondola may be a better choice for Guests traveling with younger children.
Special Considerations
Wheelchair transfer required
A classic of Disney's California Adventure, the Sunburst was one of the most visible attractions and most well known during the park's construction. It opened on the park's opening day: February 8, 2001. During the remodel of the park the attraction was renamed from the Sun Wheel to the Disney themed Mickey's Fun Wheel. A giant Mickey head was added to the attraction, along with new colors and lighting that integrate into the World of Color show that opened in 2010.
In the heart of Paradise Pier, right in the edge of the lagoon
Mickey's Fun Wheel is quite literally a 156-foot high revolving sunburst, and it is an amazing sight to see at any time of day, but especially when the real sun goes down. Guests are loaded into gondolas, some of which slide back and forth with the movement of the wheel! Less adventurous Guests can opt for a stationary gondola and enjoy a relaxing ride. Those afraid of heights are advised not to ride this one, but those happy in the sky can enjoy a great view from the top of the wheel.
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on 3/25/2011
It is scarier then you think if you go on a swinging one!
Mary on 3/14/2013
This ride sucked. After waiting 45 min (sign said 15min) to ride the stationary gondola we only went around 1 time.
paper on 6/24/2012
LOVED THE THRILL!!! My best friend started groaned and crying so I laughed at him and gave him a barf bag!!!The guy was 15!!!
Emily7 on 3/11/2012
Loved it!
One of the best rides ever. on 2/23/2012
If you are prone to motion sickness I highly recommend riding in the stationary seats, not only do you get a higher view but you also don't have to worry about using the vomit bags provided. While the moving seats are nice when the wheel is rotating at full speeds, the loading and unloading of the seats can really cause a sense of small dingy on rough seas.
Geffinis on 1/13/2012
The swinging seats are scary. Pregnant women shouldn't ride those at all. I would definitely stick with the non-swinging seats all around, especially if you have young children.
DisneylandFam<3 on 1/7/2012
They had barfbags in the carts :(p
on 5/29/2011
Christina MPT on 1/24/2013
I hate Ferris wheels. Little one begged to ride it. I refuse to let my daughter see my fears so I insisted we ride in the non swinging one! Thank goodness it is only three spi s around and we were first off!!!

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