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Golden Zephyr

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Soar in classic shining science fiction spaceships above Paradise Pier.
Soar around the gleaming red tower in a shining spaceship! Hearken back to the 1920's movie matinees when science fiction heroes saved the skies in sleek silver ships that sailed through space. Imagine battling your own Martian invaders as you fly into the future!
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Emily7 on 3/11/2012
It was a great ride but a little too slow for 10 and up
on 12/2/2011
fun but short.
kyt on 5/13/2011
Fun but a really quick ride. Nice way to view the park
One of the best rides ever. on 2/23/2012
The Golden Zephyr is an easy going ride with usually short lines. While the ride vehicles pretty much just spin around suspended on cables, it will entertain little ones while providing a relaxing ride for adults.
tiki guy on 12/30/2013
It was fun when it was running. But closed 85% of the time.

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