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Games of the Boardwalk

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Classic boardwalk style games that bring classic Disney cartoons to life for you to experience.
Average Wait
When to Visit
Any time works for these carnival activities
Age Group
Some of the booths are geared more towards children while others require more skill and are geared towards teens and adults.
Special Considerations
Each game is an additional charge not included with the price of admission to California Adventure.
Essential to the carnival atmosphere in Paradise Pier, the Games of the Boardwalk opened on February 8 , 2001 when the theme park made its grand debut.
In the hear of Paradise Pier underneath California Screamin', across from the Sun Wheel
Games of the Boardwalk offer guests a variety of different carnival games such as those seen at other boardwalks or street fairs. Guests can win prizes for succeeding at one of the games. The games are well themed to classic Disney movies and neat to observe, but probably not worth the time for those on a budget, as they are available at many other places while the other attractions are unique.
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One of the best rides ever. on 2/23/2012
The boardwalk games at DCA are great because if you have the funds you will always win whichever prize you want. Here is the trick, buy up the extra spaces at the game, you or your little ones will win the biggest prize available guaranteed, as long as nobody else is around to play. The prizes are Disney themed and are of good quality that rival some of the merchandise found around the shops and stores at the Disney resort.
on 7/9/2011
Great! My 11 yr old brother won on his 1st try savinq dumbo!
Tim on 6/14/2011
Watch your 7 year old get beat by an adult with an infant in their lap. Not fun and not worth the $
4 the love of pooh on 1/1/2013
Pricey but very fun. I wish there were a few more.

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