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California Screamin'

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Scream upside-down on the only looping roller coaster at the Disneyland Resort.
Shoot forward up a steep incline and start screaming as you rip through the air on this tubular ride! While it might look like a turn-of-the-century wooden coaster, this state-of-the-art steel superstructure is ready to rock you on Paradise Pier.
Fastpass Overview
One of the most popular rides in the park, using Fastpass is a great asset on California Screamin'. The word has gotten out about this thrilling roller coaster that shoots Guests from 0 to 55 mph in less than 4 seconds, and thus lines tend to be rather long. Because the ride also tends to break down on occasion, holding a Fastpass is a good tactic for avoiding getting stuck in a long line.
Fastpass Entrance
The entrance to California Screamin is in its own corner of Paradise Pier, marked with the bold blue and red vertical sign. The attraction borders Paradise Bay at the southern end/corner of the boardwalk. The Standby Line is located right at the main entrance to the attraction, with the Distribution Center entrance directly to the left of it. A sign overhead displays the Fastpass Return time as well as the Standby wait. The Fastpass Return line is located off to the right hand side if Guests are facing the attraction entrance. Fastpass holders get their own side of the queue to proceed up and down the stairs to the loading area.
Fastpass Distribution Center
Guests will find the Distribution Center right at the Main Entrance to California Screamin'. The entrance to the small center is located to the left of the Standby Line entrance, marked well with overhead signs reading the current Fastpass Return time. Guests enter the small area and obtain their Fastpass, then exit out the opposite way to their left towards the wall on the Paradise Bay side. Guests can then walk back out the Paradise Pier the same way they entered.
Fastpass Standby Line
An extremely popular attraction, California Screamin' gets fairly long lines especially on crowded days. Moderate crowds tend to generate 20-30 minute waits while heavy crowds generate lines of up to 90 minutes and two hours. However the more Guests that use Fastpass, the slower the Standby line, as one side of the queue for the loading area is reserved strictly for Fastpass riders. Thus unless it is a slow day or early in the morning, we recommend Guests use Fastpass for this attraction.
Fastpass Return
With Fastpass ticket in hand, Guests facing the attraction's entrance should proceed to their right. The Fastpass Return entrance is located at the base of the stairwell. Guests give their pass to the Cast Member and proceed up the right hand side of the stairs in the queue, around the bend and right down into the loading area.
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on 3/25/2011
This is awesome!! Be aware that at the beggining when they launch you it is a little unexpected so just be aware... Also if you think the loop is scary you cant even feel it when you are on the ride.. so dont let that stop you from going on!!!
DiSnEy LaNd LoVeR?? on 3/7/2012
This Ride is Great! • the loop isn't even bad I kept my eyes open the hole time.. If you are little u shouldn't go on it because you might get scared but it's a fun ride! • Beware they take your picture towards the end it's awesome I always have a funny face for my pictures lol • you might know but there is a loop and it goes in a circle but it's fun • Hold on as TIGHT as you can! (my friend lost her phone so don't bring your phone haha) • SO THE MAIN PART OF THE RIDE IS JUST HAVE A GREAT TIME AND HAVE FUN!!
on 6/17/2011
Awesome!!!!!!!!!! The best ride at the park by far!!!!!!!!!!!!
sydni on 5/21/2012
This is the best ride there I saw Justin bieber there and I screamed
Lisa on 8/25/2011
It seems as if it's not as fast as it used to be. Every ride feels different however. Not rough; and you don't feel the loop. Very smooth.
Theodoric Huang on 5/27/2012
This is one of roller coaster rides that have an soundtrack
Disneyboy on 3/18/2012
This is one of MY MOST FAVORITE RIDES EVER!!!!!!!! Don't be scared of the Loop because you are only looking upside down . ??????????
RC on 1/24/2012
Such a fun ride to go on... Great for adults looking to have that thrill as a little bit of change from all of the other rides (though they're all great in their own way). Love the launch. I never tell any of my first time Disney guests that there's a launch.. Gets them Every time.
Geffinis on 1/13/2012
One of the best rides in CA Adventure by far! The wait is well worth it. Be mindful that this ride closes early on the nights they have the World of Color show.
on 4/2/2011
Great coaster. Very fast. They do a spiel before the launch telling you when you are going to launch.
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