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The Bakery Tour

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Tour through the production process that makes the fresh bread bowls for neighboring Pacific Wharf Cafe.
5 minutes
Average Wait
When to Visit
Any time of day works at this attraction, but guests who visit near park closing can stop by the Pacific Wharf Café afterward for fresh FREE loaves of sourdough bread!
East side of Pacific Wharf across from Mission Tortilla Factory
The Boudin Bakery features a glass-walled tour corridor that offers Guests an inside peak at the making of fresh sourdough bread, used and sold right next door in the Pacific Wharf Café! Actress/comedian Rosie O'Donnell and comedian Colin Mochrie lead the way giving an informational and entertaining video tour about the bread making process.
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Tannerpi on 8/30/2012
The smell of the bakery is amazing.
vansgirl on 6/7/2012
The bread was awesome! It was amazing to see the history of how sourdough came to be as well as the process of making it.
tiki guy on 1/2/2014
Bread is AMAZING!!!
jacob on 5/25/2011
amazing place!! thry really show u on how they make it!
Disney2017 on 1/16/2017
love seeing my favorite bread being made love love xoxoxo
GrimGrinningGhost on 5/8/2016
Lisa on 8/25/2011
We watched this while waiting for our fastpass return time. It's cool; but not that spectacular
DiSnEy LaNd LoVeR?? on 2/20/2012
Retared why do we want to see tortiles getting made that is stupid all u get out of it is the tortillas and bread

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