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Mendocino Terrace at the Golden Vine Winery

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Enjoy the views of Pacific Wharf and Paradise Pier while enjoying tastes of Californian and other wines.
Drink in the sights and sounds of California wine country as you enjoy a selection of vintages that have been expertly selected to provide a tasting tour of the Golden State. Dramatic views of Paradise Pier from the outdoor patio complete this memorable experience. A trickling hand-carved stone fountain and soothing background music provide the perfect environment in which to taste various splendid varietals of wine with the assistance of a pleasant, informative wine expert.

Festival Tasting Flights
Enjoy three one-ounce pours of Red or White Wine
Sweet Tasting Flights
Enjoy three one-ounce pours of Red or White Wine
Sparkling Tasting Flights
Enjoy three one-ounce pours of Sparkling Wine
$16.00/ person
Premium Tasting Flights
Enjoy three one-ounce pours of Premium Wines
White - $16.00/person
Red - $20.00 / person
Port Tasting
Enjoy three one-ounce pours of ports paired with
3 Bleu Cheeses

Mendocino Bar Special
$12.50 Mimosa made with St. Hilaire Brut and orange juice.
$15.00 Mendocino Cheese Box

Non-Alcoholic Beverages
$2.99 Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite
$2.79 Dasani Water
$7.50 Sparkling Apple Cider

$6.00 Bud Lite
$6.00 Miller Lite
$6.75 Heineken
$6.75 Corona
$7.00 Samuel Adams
$7.00 Blue Moon
$7.00 Widmer Hefeweizen

Mendocino Bar Wine List

-- Whites -- (Price per glass)

$10.00 St. Hilaire, France
$13.00 Magicale, Italy
$17.00 FairyTale

$9.50 Val de L'Ours, France
$10.00 Buena Vista Carneros
$12.50 Cambria
$14.50 Rosenthal

Sauvignon Blanc
$11.00 Sbragia
$12.00 Tres Sabores
$12.00 Groth

Pinot Grigio - Gris
$9.00 Casa Grande, Italy
$11.00 J Vineyards

$9.00 Dr. Loosen, Germany
$14.00 Trefethen, Dry

$8.00 Renwood Orange Muscat

Other Whites
$9.00 Civello
$9.00 Brassfield Serenity
$10.00 Tangent Eccelstone
$12.50 Tangent Albarino
$12.50 Trimbach Gewurtzaminer
$16.00 Graff Family Pinot Blanc

$7.50 Woodbridge White Zinfandel
$9.00 Jones of Washington, Syrah
$14.00 Gargiuolo Sangiovese

-- Reds --

Pinot Noir
$9.75 Saddlerock
$14.00 Row Eleven

$8.75 Hahn
$12.50 Flora Springs
$15.00 Ferarri-Carano

Cabernet Sauvignon
$12.00 Coppola Claret
$12.75 Lincourt
$14.50 Semler
$16.00 Schweiger

Syrah - Shiraz
$12.00 Firestone

$9.00 Zen of Zin
$11.50 Murphy-Goode Liar's Dice
$15.00 Sapphire Hill Late Harvest

Red Blends
$9.75 Rosenthal Surfrider
$11.75 Poggio Del Papa
$12.50 Black Pearl Blend, South Africa
$12.50 Cinnabar Mercury Rising
$14.50 Amancaya, Argentina

Other Reds
$7.50 Portacinco
$10.50 Villa St. Juliette, Petite Syrah
$12.00 Graff Family Grenache
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