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California Adventure Baby Care Center

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Baby-care center with 4 changing tables, 2 nursing chairs, feeding stations, supplies and a toddler potty-trainer toilet (42" height maximum).
New mothers and fathers can relax in knowing Disney California Adventure provides them with a dedicated Baby Care Center for their use. This area is smaller than its counterpart center at Disneyland but does have its benefits. Here nursing mothers can join other nursing mom's in a private (but shared) room where they can feed their child. There are two rocking chairs divided by private curtains. A separate area houses 4 padded changing tables like one would find in a nursery, covered with protective paper that are wiped down & sanitized by the Cast on a regular basis. A small toddler-size toilet (maximum height of 42" allowed) works as a great alternative for parents who'd rather skip the busier restrooms with their child who's just learning to go potty. There are even sticker rewards available for potty-training tots! Diapers, formula and other supplies are also available for a very nominal fee. A microwave is available for warming food and bottles with a sink, highchairs, and small breast-pumping station.
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