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Fiddler Fifer and Practical Café and Bakery

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A bakery and cafe that features soups, sandwiches, pastries, and Starbucks!
Enjoy a pleasant breakfast, lunch or dinner at this charming sidewalk café that serves sandwiches, soups, pastries and some of your favorite Starbucks beverages.


Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café is the perfect place to start your day with a cup of coffee and a pastry or breakfast sandwich. For lunch and dinner, the café serves up tasty soups and sandwiches.

The café's specialties include:
•Cinnamon rolls
•Roast beef and cheddar sandwiches
•Turkey Ruebens
•Paneer and roasted vegetable sandwiches
•Salami with olive tapenade sandwiches

Each day 2 house-made soups are available from a rotating selection that includes:
•Vegetarian cream spinach
•Chicken tortilla
•Portobello barley
•Hearty meaty stew
•Classic chicken noodle
•Minestrone with pasta
•Cheesy enchilada

Starbucks Coffees

Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Café is the first location ever inside a Disney theme park where you can enjoy refreshing Starbucks coffee and espresso drinks — including flavored lattes, iced coffees and Frappuccino® blended beverages. The café also serves some of your favorite signature Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and pastries.


Offering indoor seating with delightful music-themed décor and open-air seating beside the bustle of Buena Vista Street and the trickling Carthay Circle fountain, the cafe is a perfect place to relax, recharge and gather inspiration. The venue is said to have inspired a young Walt Disney to dream up one of his early hits, the cartoon short "The Three Little Pigs".


Hot Sandwiches (Served with Pickle & House Chips)
$9.69 Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwich
Tender Roast Beef, Creamy Horseradish Sauce, Cheddar Cheese Sauce on a Garlic-Chive Bun
$9.69 Turkey Reuben Sandwich
Turkey, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and signature sauce on Rye Bread
$8.99 Paneer & Roasted Vegetable Sandwich
Marinated Paneer cheese, roasted veggies, and spicy tomato sauce on toasted garlic Naan Bread

Cold Sandwiches (Served with Pickle & House Chips)
$8.99 Salami Royale Sandwich - layers of salami, fennel salami, sopressata, provolone & asiago cheese, pepperoncini, red onions & olive tapenade on Ciabatta bread
$5.49 Soup of the Day (two offered daily)

Starbucks Coffee, Tazo Tea & More
Freshly Brewed Coffee - $2.69 Tall, $2.79 Grande, $3.09 Venti
TazoChai Tea Latte - $3.49 Tall, $4.29 Grande, $4.49 Venti
Full-Leaf Tazo Tea - $2.69 Tall, 2.79 Grande, $3.09 Venti
Hot Chocolate - $2.99 Tall, $3.39 Grande, $3.69 Venti
Kids' Hot Chocolate - $2.89 (12 and under)

Smoothies (blended with a whole banana and whey protein, contains dairy)
$4.99 Strawberry
$4.99 Orange Mango
$4.99 Chocolate

Iced Coffee & Iced Tazo Tea
Iced Coffee - $2.69 tall, $2.79 grande, $3.09 venti, $3.49 trenta
Iced Coffee w Milk - $2.39 tall, $2.79 grande, $3.09 venti, $3.49 trenta
Shaken Iced TazoTea - $2.49 tall, $2.79 grande, $3.09 venti, $3.29 trenta
Iced TazoTea Lemonade - $2.99 tall, $3.49 grande, $3.99 venti, $4.29 trenta

Frappucino Blended Beverages
Caramel - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Mocha - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Java Chip - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Coffee - $3.59 tall, $4.29 grande, $4.99 venti
White Chocolate Mocha - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Mocha Light - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Vanilla Bean - $3.59 tall, $4.29 grande, $4.99 venti
Strawberries & Creme - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Double Chocolate Chip - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Green Tea - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Mocha Coconut - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti
Mocha Cookie Crumble - $4.29 tall, $4.99 grande, $5.49 venti

Carmael Macchiato - $4.59 tall, $5.19 grande, $5.39 venti
White Chocolate Mocha - $3.99 tall, $4.79 grande, $4.99 venti
Cinnamon Dolce Latte - $3.99 tall, $4.79 grande, $4.99 venti
Caffe Latte - $3.49 tall, $3.99 grande, $4.39 venti
Caffe Mocha - $3.79 tall, $4.49 grande, $4.89 venti
Vanilla Latte - $3.79 tall, $4.49 grande, $4.89 venti
Skinny Vanilla Latte - $3.79 tall, $4.49 grande, $4.89 venti
Caffe Americano - $2.79 tall, $2.99 grande, $3.29 venti
Cappuccino - $3.49 tall, $3.99 grande, $4.39 venti
Espresso - $2.49 solo, $3.19 dopplo

Make It Yours: Try it skinny (free), flavor 49cent, espresso shot 79 cent, organic soymilk 59 cent

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Bryant "MegaDisney" - DIO/MPT on 9/1/2012
Starbucks makes it worth a visit but our drinks took forever and they completely forgot to make one of our drinks which resulted in an even longer wait. Typical Starbucks fare. Was surprised the prices seemed on line with other SoCal Starbucks.
Marilynne Ward Belden on 8/22/2012
Starbucks, baked goods, cold and hot sandwiches and a soup of the day. My iced mocha tasted good but could have been colder. Tons of seating and air conditioned. Yeah!
Disney2017 on 1/16/2017
amazing cafe they serve starbucks and lots of yummy goodies
Evil Queen on 2/28/2016
just a heads up the sandwiches here are prepackaged and refrigerated which makes the bread kind of soggy. it wasn't good, it wasn't bad, if you just need something quick to eat and a cup of coffee then this place works but if your looking for a good sandwich I suggest heading to DTD to earl of sandwich.
Macmommyx2 on 3/28/2014
Love that you can get Starbucks inside the park. We went here a few times while in the park. All the times there was always a table available.
PYNC on 11/24/2013
Cinnamonn rolls are sooo good, I try it with a Pumpkin Spice Latte for dinner the weather was so chill outside so I instantly warm up with this choices. Too much time in line.
Diane - DIO Moderator on 12/6/2012
Starbucks coffee! Quick service and great coffee :-)

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