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Disney California Adventure

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The first new themepark in Anaheim in 45 years celebrates California as Walt experienced it when he arrived in 1923.
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Points of Interest

a bug's land
Shrink to the size of a bug while visiting all your friends from Disney Pixar’s A Bug's Life.
Buena Vista Street
Cars Land
Join all your Pixar pals in Radiator Springs. Take in the sights of the Cadillac Range and all your favorite spots from the movie.
Grizzly Peak
Unleash the John Muir in you, as you explore this Yosemite inspired region that features some wild rapids.
Hollywood Land
Take in the glitz and glamor of Hollywood as Walt experienced it when he arrived in 1923.
Pacific Wharf
Visit Cannery Row from Monterey and enjoy a wide selection of food choices for dining.
Paradise Pier
Travel back in time to this Victorian-era beachside resort, while climbing to new heights and screaming along the waves.
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